Cardinal Burke and Steve Bannon


Cardinal Burke is collaborating more closely with Steve Bannon. Pretty scary and awful…


Thanks for posting, I knew Bannon had a Catholic background. Without the buzz words, “right-wing” and so on, this is great news I’m sure. It may well be how many of our Catholic brothers and sisters perceive the Church should be, the Church that historically has defended the continent.


It was Robert Frost who said “a liberal is someone who won’t take his own side in a fight”. We’re seeing that a lot in the Church now. The Church is no longer willing to defend Christendom. In fact, we are arguably close to the point where the biggest sin in the Catholic Church is being unwilling to embrace Islam. It’s good to see there are still “men with chests” in the Church who are willing to fight for it.

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Cardinal Burke is chummy with Bannon? That disturbs me…and surprises me… being an ecclesiastical “conservative” is not the same thing as being a political alt-right conservative.

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