Cardinal Burke exiled? Can someone explain?

I had a couple people on my Facebook “like” articles about the rumored “exile” of Cardinal Burke to Malta today. I only glanced at a couple of the articles and they sounded like a lot of presumption mixed with alarmist and seemed to skirt the edge of dissention. I live in a very traditional diocese and listen to a LOT of Catholic radio. I did’t see or hear anything about this. For myself, without reading any background info, I can think of a half dozen or so reasons why Cardinal Burke could be moved to Malta, and none of them are scandalous (not that any reason for moving him would be any of our business). There is so much information that could be there and that no one is privy too. Is there something important I’m missing here or are pot-stirrers just trying to come up with something to wring their hands about? Thanks!

Deo Juvante, Jen

At this point nothing is official. It all seems to spring from Sandro Magister. See

If it turns out this is true, the Pope is not going to explain his reasoning, so people can read pretty much anything they want into it.

There’s a bit of a misunderstanding in your post, OP. The thought is not that Cardinal Burke will be going to Malta; instead, he would be the patron of the Knights of Malta - which are based in Rome. It’s a purely honorary role. The article that the first reply gave is written by Sandro Magister, and he is good - really good. He’s got an advanced degree in theology, lives in Rome, and has years of experience as a journalist covering religion for Italian newspapers.

Yes, this is an important clarification.

I agree that Mr. Magister is a good journalist. However, like any of us, he has sometimes gotten things wrong. I would look for independent confirmation before I take this report too seriously. Still, Cardinal Burke’s reassignment is a topic to follow, as is the entire restructuring of the Curia.

Please don’t post speculation and gossip inferring intent. When there is actual news you may post a news article from a reputable source.

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