Cardinal Burke: it’s reasonable to be afraid of Islam’s desire to govern the world

This needs attention. People tend to equate Islam with just another denomination. It’s not just something different, it’s different on a few levels. It holds different views not only about God, but about people, government, culture, and so much more. It is not so much what they say - sometimes just a few terrorist types - but it is the basic assumptions of the non-terrorist types.

It is true the terrorists are the exception, but only in that the real leaders - with power in education, politics, business, etc - feel that terrorism is an inefficient way of reaching their common goal. The terrorists are “bad” only because their actions tend to awaken Islam’s opponents. The real threat from Islam comes from their effort to fund Islamic study centers, foundations, and so on, and base them on the campus of Christian institutions, or connect them in some way under the aegis of Christian, ecumenical, or other respected Western institution.

The terrorists convert no one. The quietly powerful, moving gradually, are the real threat.

The cardinal said the best response was to fortify the Christian foundation of our societies

Cardinal Raymond Burke has said there is “no question that Islam wants to govern the world”, and that Western societies should return to their Christian roots.

Speaking to David Gibson of Religion News Service, Cardinal Burke, the patron of the Order of Malta, said Muslims were “lovely people” who themselves talked about religion “in a very peaceful manner”.

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This is certainly something to take in. Islam isn’t just some friendly religion that is willing to live side by side with everyone else. You can always rely on Cardinal Burke to say the truth.

I think that Howard Kainz, writing in The Catholic Thing, would agree with Cardinal Burke.
Islam and the Decalogue

I agree, people should be concerned, I mean, their main goal is overthrow Vatican city.

I heard a TV evangelist say something once that made a lot of sense, he said if Mohammad himself was to come down and start handing out trophies to the folks that followed Islams laws the best, it would be groups like ISIS and other terrorist groups that are at the top. Its not a religion of peace at all imo.

People should check out this article.


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