Cardinal Burke: "No, I am not saying that Pope Francis is in heresy."

CWR: Are there others, besides the four cardinals who submitted the dubia to Pope Francise, who support what you’re saying?

Cardinal Burke: Yes.

CWR: And they’re not speaking out because…?

Cardinal Burke: For various reasons, one of which is the way the media takes these things and distorts them making it seem that anyone who raises a question about Amoris Laetitia is disobedient to the Pope or an enemy of the Pope and so forth. So they…

CWR They’re keeping their heads down.

Cardinal Burke: Yes, I suppose.

From what I’ve seen in various places online, 3 Cardinals and 3 Bishops have come out in support of the 4 Cardinals.

“For those who are divorced and remarried, or I should say divorced and living in an irregular matrimonial union, if they truly understand the Catholic faith, the solution to that is not some confused approach, but the solution is to know the truth about the marriage to which one is bound, and once one knows the truth to live in accord with it” --Cardinal Burke, as quoted in the article referenced in the OP.

With respect to AL, what is not clear is how this approach to the divorced and remarried might differ from it.

Well this is refreshing. Cause he isn’t! :nope:

I don’t like how Burke and the other Cardinals are publicly airing their concerns. They should be handling this internally.

I have a great deal of admiration for Cardinal Burke, I loved him when he was my ArchBishop in STL, and I continue to support him in his efforts as Cardinal in whatever role is chosen for him. It doesn’t sound like he is trying to do anything other than clarify something Pope Francis said. Clarity isn’t a bad thing IMHO.


Did they not try to no avail?

But why do it publicly?

If they appeal to the Pope and don’t get the answer they want- that is no reason to bring the issue to the public. They should drop it or continue to work on it through avenues available to them.

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