Cardinal Burke Outlines Formal Correction of Pope Francis’ Teaching

The former prefect of the Apostolic Signatura explains in a new interview how a correction of parts of the Holy Father’s magisterium would be enacted, pays tribute to the recently deceased Cardinal Meisner, and stresses the importance of true mercy.

Was this part of the Cardinal’s “Popes can be deposed” interview, or a different interview?

It references the Wanderer article that mentions Cardinal Burke’s talk of deposing.

I read the article from the Wanderer (the 2nd interview) by Don Fier, “Discriminating Mercy…”, published on 8/14/17. There was no talk of desposing. Unless there were more to the interview, would you provide specific quotes on Cardinal Burke’s talk of desposing?

From the article:

“There can be apostasy within the Church and this, in fact, is what is going on,” he [Cardinal Burke] said.

So it appears Cardinal Burke is done with hints and is now outright calling the Pope an apostate. I disagree, and I find it curious (to say the least) that a Cardinal would take such an open and public stance.

I welcome this move by Cardinal Burke!

There’s no such thing as a formal correction of the Pope. The Pope is the highest, supreme authority in the Church and answers to Jesus Christ alone.

The Eighth Ecumenical Council:

"We believe that the saying of the Lord that Christ addressed to his holy apostles and disciples, Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever despises you despises me, was also addressed to all who were likewise made supreme pontiffs and chief pastors in succession to them in the catholic church. Therefore we declare that no secular powers should treat with disrespect any of those who hold the office of patriarch or seek to move them from their high positions, but rather they should esteem them as worthy of all honour and reverence. This applies in the first place to the most holy pope of old Rome, secondly to the patriarch of Constantinople, and then to the patriarchs of Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem. Furthermore, nobody else should compose or edit writings or tracts against the most holy pope of old Rome, on the pretext of making incriminating charges, as Photius did recently and Dioscorus a long time ago. Whoever shows such great arrogance and audacity, after the manner of Photius and Dioscorus, and makes false accusations in writing or speech against the see of Peter, the chief of the apostles, let him receive a punishment equal to theirs.

“If, then, any ruler or secular authority tries to expel the aforesaid pope of the apostolic see, or any of the other patriarchs, let him be anathema. Furthermore, if a universal synod is held and any question or controversy arises about the holy church of Rome, it should make inquiries with proper reverence and respect about the question raised and should find a profitable solution; it must on no account pronounce sentence rashly against the supreme pontiffs of old Rome.”

Pope Gregory VII:

“He himself may be judged by no one.”

Saint Thomas Aquinas:

“The administration of this kingdom, therefore, is entrusted not to earthly kings, but to priests, so that spiritual and earthly things may be kept distinct; and in particular to the Supreme Priest, the successor of Peter, the Vicar of Christ, the Roman Pontiff, to whom all the kings of the Christian people should be subject, as if to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.”…%20Aquinas.pdf

Pope Boniface VIII:

“But if the highest power of all err, it can be judged only by God, and not by man.”

Saint Catherine of Siena:

“For divine obedience never prevents us from obedience to the Holy Father: nay, the more perfect the one, the more perfect is the other. And we ought always to be subject to his commands and obedient unto death. However indiscreet obedience to him might seem, and however it should deprive us of mental peace and consolation, we ought to obey; and I consider that to do the opposite is a great imperfection, and deceit of the devil.”

Pope Pius II:

“Do you not know, you miserable man, that only divine authority binds the Roman Bishop? The Pope is only subject to Holy Scripture, revealed by the hand of God, and he is not bound by decrees of men. ”But we say that the pope is subject to reason, and the power of the Church is given for edification and not for destruction.” But even if you believe the Bishop of Rome to be in error, that does not give you the right to judge him, for only God can judge the Pope. No mortal man may accuse him of faults. Oh, how wrong is the opinion of many men: though they do not allow a king’s subjects to have any say against the king, they would allow it in the case of the pope even if God has given him power over all mortal men. Those stupid men are unconcerned that the Holy Apostolic Church has, from Saint Peter to this day, never been heard to teach anything that is contrary to orthodox faith. This privilege it has received from the Lord that it shall never succumb to wrong teachings for the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Let this suffice concerning your praise of the Apostolic See.”

Code of Canon Law:

“No appeal or recourse is permitted against a sentence or decree of the Roman Pontiff.”

From the very quote you provided, you came with your conclusion that Cardinal Burke “is now outright calling the Pope an apostate.” Not only the dots don’t connect, it is dishonest and outright wrong. How could you possibly arrive at this malicious conclusion? Cardinal Burke neither said nor implied no such thing. You should know better then attributing lies to the good Cardinal.

It is absolutely disgusting!!!

I find it more curious that the pope continues to ignore the dubia, the dozen or so cardinals and bishops, hundreds of scholars and theologians, and thousand upon thousands of faithful who have petitioned him for a response of clarity. The pope is quite clear regarding abortion, euthanasia, gender theory, the Italian mafia (and other blood money, organized crime issues), human trafficking, etc., which seems to demonstrate that he can be unequivocal when it suits him.

According to you, all catholic’s are now Papist! We have to believe, follow, and agree with everything he says. Well that is until we get a very conservative african pope. Then the exact same people posting thing like is posted above will be telling everyone to make up their own mind.

From the interview:

The response of the Archbishop of Malta was shocking, who, when criticized about the troublesome document the Bishops of Malta published on Amoris Laetitia, said they follow the teaching of Pope Francis and not of other Popes. How can that be? The Popes are all to proclaim and be obedient to the one true Catholic Faith. If not, they have been deposed, as in the case of Pope Honorius. So then, this is simply not possible.

God bless,

Cardinal Burke was referring to historical facts and the responsibility of all popes. He was not talking about getting rid of Pope Francis.


God bless,

Popes may take advice if they choose. There is no wrong when his brother Bishops clamour to offer advice, even after the Pope has spoken. While no other has authority to overrule the Pope in matters within his purview, the Pope has authority to clarify his own words or to correct himself. This is what Dubia and other measures aim to procure.

Agreed. And if the pope is indeed teaching in solidarity with perennial Church teaching, then he is on a firm foundation and should welcome the opportunity to clearly present ‘again’ the teaching when asked for clarity – defend it and demonstrate that the teaching is in continuity with scripture and sacred tradition. Not sure I understand the pope’s refusal to respond.

Someone should realllly be formally correcting this Burke fellow.
Would this not be called hubris?

Does the pope pay attention to what he says at all?


From the Code of Canon Law;

Can. 1404 The First See is judged by no one.

I wonder what you think that means.

Cardinal Burke has spent the better part of two years giving carefully nuanced interviews, complete with erudite historical references, to sympathetic media outlets. I believe he is doing what lawyers sometimes do: “trying his case” in the “court of public opinion.” I do not believe that deposing Pope Francis is the furthest thing from his mind. The very fact that he would allude to such a thing - only to seemingly dismiss it - demonstrates that such an event has been in his thoughts.

I wonder what the Holy Father can do to put Burke in his place.

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