Cardinal Burke renews criticism of Cardinal Kasper's proposal, interim synod report [CC]

In remarks made in recent days, Cardinal Raymond Burke emphasized his opposition to Cardinal Walter Kasper’s proposed to admit those who have remarried to Holy Communion.In Vienna, …


Greetings…Once again I see Cardinal Burke is attacking the Family Synod! I listened to his audio clip via Rorate Caeli. This is nothing more than veiled attack against the Holy Father. The Holy Father will make his decision in October at the conclusion of the Family Synod. Thank the Lord… that the Holy Spirit is guiding Pope Francis!

May God bless Card Burke :slight_smile:

He isn’t attacking the Synod by any means.

He is attacking the idea that one can give Communion to people in a state of mortal sin. Sex in an invalid marriage=mortal sin.

Everybody continue to pray for the leaders of the Church. :slight_smile:

I am so glad to read and hear the truth he speaks and I thank God for this Cardinal. He is much needed in these times that confuse so many.

Burkes continual “putting down” of the Holy Father is getting a little old.

I couldn’t agree more. If the ideological tables were turned, and a senior cardinal seen as “liberal” kept up this kind of informal but very public campaign of words concerning a “conservative” pope, there would be a real outcry about it, and how inappropriate it was.

God bless Cdl Burke

Where did he out down the Holy Father?

God bless Cardinal Burke. Pray for the Pope.

Cardinal Burke is reacting to a proposal, inserted not only in the interim *relatio *but also in the final version, that no Catholic in conscience can accept or tolerate. As Prefect of the Signatura, it is his job to oppose any measure that undermines the moral underpinnings of Church law.

This has been thrashed out pretty thoroughly in other threads. The issues are clear enough by now. A new regulation that permits remarried divorcees who are having sexual relations to receive Communion must be opposed by every Catholic, not just by a Cardinal. No priest can in conscience carry out such a regulation, and no layperson can, by actions or silence, imply any acquiescence to it. The stakes are as high as that. There is no middle ground.

I agree with this, though what he is condemning (Communion for divorced and remarried.) is wrong.

As to him and the pope, maybe he was a runner up? :shrug::smiley:

:thumbsup: I am very thankful for the commitment, clarity, and orthodoxy of Cardinal Burke. And we have thrashed this out on numerous threads. The Pope himself WANTS rigorous dialogue on this very issue. That is the whole POINT of the Synod process which he instigated.

Greetings… NONE of what you talk about here has been decided on! You Ultra Traditionalists talk like its written in stone. The Holy Father will decide in guidance with the Holy Spirit what is to change if ANTHING! And Cardinal Burke should be still and pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit…not attack the Holy Father!

Cardinal Burke is talking about theology; it’s not an attack of any kind.

True, but that’s not the problem. You might find this thread interesting.

‘Ultra Traditionalist’…mmm…not quite. :nunchuk:

The Holy Father will indeed make any decisions on the matter. A synod is an advisory body, nothing more.

Cardinal Burke is objecting to proposals put in the interim and final relatios that are problematic for a Catholic and should never have got into them in the first place. His problem is with these proposals, not with the Pope.

:thumbsup: to the bolded.

And you’re right, this isn’t an “ultra-traditionalist” issue, this is simply a Catholic issue.

The Church has always and consistently taught the same thing, but it’s not like this teaching on communion is a musty, obscure relic; it was re-affirmed by JPII in 1980 for crying out loud.

It feels a bit like the Twilight Zone lately. A traditional minded Bishop or lay Catholic states that the Pope does not have the authority to change Church teaching, and a liberal minded Catholic fires back “How dare you show disrespect to the Holy Father”.

Actually, it is a very direct rebuttal of the suggestion that people in a state of grave sin may receive communion.



On the contrary, the question of divorced and “remarried” Catholics receiving Holy Communion has been hashed and rehashed for years, including at a Synod of Bishops in 1980. The next year, St. John Paul II issued pretty clear answers on the topic in Familiaris consortio, n. 84. Those conclusions were reiterated again and again over the following years, because some people never accepted them. Yet, we who support and accept them are labeled…

I don’t know why anyone who accepts the decisions of that Synod and Pope (who is now a Saint) should be called “ultra traditionalists.” It’s not like we are trying to ban kneeling during the Easter season to be in line with the decisions of the First Council of Nicea or we don’t accept the Missal of St. John XXIII. 1981 and 1994 (Catechism of the Catholic Church) are not that long ago.

At next year’s Synod, I hope those who are against *Familiaris consortio *and the related passages in the Catechism will simply come out and say it.


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