Cardinal Burke’s 10 Ways to Overcome Crisis of Confusion, Division in the Church

The U.S. cardinal says disorientation and error have entered into the Church “in a diabolical way,” but encourages Catholics to remain steadfast in the faith as well as courageous and serene, knowing Christ’s victory is “already written.”

That was very good - thanks for posting.

Citing recent “shocking” words of the superior general of the Jesuits who said we cannot know what Christ really said as his words weren’t tape recorded, Cardinal Burke noted an uncorrected, “widespread apostasy” in the Church that Our Lady of Fatima warned about.

I agree with the Cardinal’s view here.

On his ten points, these two jumped out at me also:

Recall the “many edifying signs” of fidelity to Christ among “many good and steadfast faithful, priests and bishops”;

True. Staying positive and hopeful – Jesus will win the great victory for His Church and we can’t just focus on the evil and errors that are spreading.

Be serene, knowing our confidence is in Christ, that the “gates of hell” will not prevail against the Church, and avoid a “worldly desperation” that is expressed in “aggressive and uncharitable ways.”

Similar to the above - staying confident, serene, peaceful - and even joyful for all of the good that God has given us, and how He is continually calling those who reject Him, to turn back.

  1. Stop treating the Vicar of Christ like some sort of Manchurian Candidate programmed by Satan to undo the Church and discredit Donald Trump.

I know it wasn’t on the list, but after spending a little time on CAF, it’s apparent to me that it needs to be.

Nah…I think it’s more like what Cardinal Burke describes…

He sounded the alarm about a false perception of the papacy, that it should not be portrayed as having “absolute power” and that the office of St. Peter “has nothing to do with revolution” — as some of Francis’ more ardent supporters say — which is “primarily a political” and worldly term. Instead he reminded those present that the fullness of the Pope’s power and exercise of his office is “precisely to protect him from the kind of worldly and relativist thought which leads to confusion and division.”

Yes, it appears that in the present climate some seek to promote the Pope as the “master” of Tradition, when in fact he is the humble servant of Tradition. The Pope is not an absolute monarch, as Cardinal Ratzinger pointed out in times past…he is just as bound by divine and moral law as the rest of us are.

That is stunningly strong , and very alarming language coming from a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. There is a hysterical element to it that is quite unnerving. Yet, it does tend to draw one in, until the self-righteous undertones blurr the entire message.

Cardinal Burke is trying very hard to be prophetic in this instance, and while his theme has genuine debatability, his haughty tone dilutes the power of his speech. His now very public persona has become controversial, and this tends to obscure his cause.

May God grant Cardinal Burke the wisdom intrinsically found in humility.

True, but this particular thread is run by the other team.

Oh…and what other team would that be?

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Funny. I thought his views were dead on.

Peace, Mark

Oh…and what other team would that be?

Peace, Mark

The team that believes they should run the Church, and not the Pope.

And #12: Stop giving divisive interviews and using the media to do an end-run around the Vatican.

This kind of talk…excluding, seperating other Catholics is prcisely what Cardinal Burke is rallying against. And I would contend that Christ himself would not condone this division. Here are the Cardinal’s words:

Cardinal Burke warned that schism is a “worldly way of thinking” that is “always and everywhere wrong.”

True. Christ wants us united under the authority of His Church.

It’s Burke himself who contributes to the divisive tone in the Church. He has become the hero of those who question or divide the Holy Father.

And this is exactly the kind of post that I see here in CAF these days that make me think, I thought there was a rule against saying bad things against clergy?:shrug:

Oh right, it’s never ok to ‘bash’ the Pope, but the rest of the clergy are fair game.

Cardinal Burke has the utmost respect for the Petrine office.
There are those who wish to mold the Church according to their own political agenda, even if it causes schism.
It is this division which Cardinal Burke seeks to mend.

For those who would like to read the actual words spoken by the Cardinal here is a link…

Coupled with the interest of the enemies of the Church in praising and promoting confusion and error within the Church is also a worldly political reading of the governance of the Church. For the architects of a secular and politicized Church, those who present what the Church has always taught and practiced are now the enemies of the Pope. Doctrine and discipline, which together with Sacred Worship, are the essential gifts of Christ to us in the Church are now viewed as the tools of supposed rigid fundamentalists who are trying to hinder the pastoral care of the faithful, as it is desired by Pope Francis. We even witness the sad situation of members of the hierarchy publicly accusing one another of a political and mundane agenda, as politicians attack one another to advance a political agenda.

In this regard, the fullness of power ( plenitudo potestatis) essential to the exercise of the office of the Successor of Saint Peter is falsely portrayed as absolute power, thus betraying the Primacy of the Successor of Saint Peter who is the first among us in obedience to Christ alive for us in the Church through the Apostolic Tradition. Secular voices promote the image of the Pope as a reformer who is a revolutionary, that is, as one who undertakes the reform of the Church by breaking from the Tradition, the rule of the faith (regula fidei) and the corresponding rule of law (regula iuris). But the office of Saint Peter has nothing to do with revolution, which is primarily a political and mundane term. As the Second Vatican Council taught, the Successor of Peter “is the perpetual and visible source and foundation of the unity both of the bishops and of the whole company of the faithful.”

The fullness of power, the unhindered exercise of the office of the Roman Pontiff, is precisely to protect him from the kind of worldly and relativist thought which leads to confusion and division. It also enables him to announce and defend the faith in its integrity. Describing what has become known as “the power of the keys,” the Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us that it is founded on Saint Peter’s confession of Our Lord as God the Son Incarnate for our eternal salvation and declares:

" Because of the faith he confessed Peter will remain the unshakeable rock of the Church. His mission will be to keep this faith from every lapse and to strengthen his brothers in it"

Thus, it is absurd to think that Pope Francis can teach something which is not in accord with what his predecessors, for example Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Saint John Paul II, have solemnly taught.

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