Cardinal Burke says statement from Pope Francis defending Catholic teaching is ‘long overdue’

Easier said than done when nothing but confused rhetoric and double-speak is all we can get from the cardinals (excluding Cardinal Burke), and the Pope won’t ever say anything to clarify or reenforce Catholic doctrine.

Cardinal Burke fancies himself the protector and super hero of the über conservatives in the Church. The Holy Father removed him from the Church organization that picks new bishops last December. I’m sure that His Holiness is waiting for a few more Burke missteps before he sacks him into retirement. We need to be on one path, following the man that the Holy Spirit inspired, and it is not a person named Burke.:rolleyes:

He doesn’t need to at this point. Everyone, including the cardinals, knows exactly what Catholic doctrine is. And this synod is not about changing doctrine but about how to best pastor the flock. As ShanPO says, all we can do is pray and trust that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide our leaders. That’s what I’m doing. Let’s not let ourselves be thrown into a turmoil by preliminary discourse.

Hey, he cites the Arian heresy (I did myself in another post). He understands what’s going on:

What do you say to the view that the Church cannot be led into error on faith and morals, and so there’s nothing to worry about here; that the Church’s magisterium will always remain the same, and we need to trust in God more that all will be fine?

Absolutely, in the end, the forces of hell will not prevail against the Church. The Holy Spirit will protect the Church. But, in between, by our own foolishness and error or whatever it may be, we can betray the faith, which has happened, in fact, in the past.
We had a whole Arian heresy that practically destroyed the Church in her early centuries. Even bishops were involved in spreading the heresy that Jesus was not true God, consubstantial with the Father.

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IMHO, associating the document released yesterday with the Arian heresy or any heresy is hyperbole.

The bishops have not spoken with a unified voice for years. And if I’m not mistaken, in times past, weren’t these discussions kept under wraps until the declaration was made? The news reports and slanted bias has caused chaos, but how exactly does one sow discord by only speaking the truth?

The only ones sowing discord are those introducing novel and revolutionary “doctrine”. The job of the pope is to hold fast to and pass on that which he has received.

No, everyone does not know. That’s they problem. When reports are leaked that even the cardinals can’t come to an agreement about issues, people will begin to think that even though its still called “doctrine”, it is no longer absolutely binding. Pope Francis has remained silent while the media has a frenzy with every sound bit they can get. Why can’t he just come flat out and say something like: “The Church is not changing its stance on homosexuality. Rather, the Church is developing its pastoral, NOT DOCTRINAL, approach to the issue.” An unequivocal statement like that would end speculation, take the steam out of the media, and most importantly, help confused Catholics understand what’s going on. I wish the Pope would stop his apparent shying away from Catholicism.

Greetings…Nothing has been talked about or changed doctrinally at this Synod. This is what Vatican ll was trying to bring about, with the bishops of the Church being able to talk and discuss without feeling the pressure of the Curia! Pope Francis has dethroned the papacy a bit by coming to meet on the same level his fellow brothers of the Church. By being open to their opinions and doing inductive reasoning…he is doing the work of the Holy Spirit with the Church! Sending love and light…Budeux

That’s because we didn’t have mass Media back then. Mass media in many ways derailed Vatican II.

Personally, I wish the Synod was being done in TOTAL secrecy, meaning the media, priests, nuns & laity not knowing about it. Just the Bishops and the people attending.

Then, announce the results when finished. The mass media fuels a ton of fear and misconceptions. That’s what happened during Vatican II. The misconceptions lead to people implement changes before the changes were even ironed or approved by the Council (in some areas, the changes were never endorsed by the Council).

Well, considering that it has been rumored for weeks that Cardinal Burke is to be removed from the Magisterium in an unprecedented and undignified manner, he may well have a bone to pick with Church leadership.

He may also just be trying to make one more desperate plea on behalf of Church teaching in the face of a Church leadership that is increasingly unconcerned with said teaching before he is silenced.

How is he showing discord by asking the Pope to defend Catholic teaching?

He is also repeatedly meeting with reporters who have clearly demonstrated an intent and ability to confuse and lead astray the faithful, thereby undermining the work of the Holy Spirit and the Church. Everybody makes mistakes, but you know what they say: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice [or three or more times, in this case], shame on me.”

The Pope asks you to do things. You don’t ask him.

Justin, Thank you so much for posting this.:slight_smile: God bless you.

THANK YOU CARDINAL BURKE! May our Lord guide you, protect you, BLESS YOU!



Well, the Pope is “the servant of the servants of God”.

Besides, this particular Pope has emphasized “listening” and “dialogue” so that he can respond to the practical and pastoral needs of his flock. I think that is exactly what Card Burke is asking for.

A Cardinal asking a Pope to re-assert Church teaching is sowing discord, and creates groups like SSPX?

And again, why is it assumed that Cardinal Burke is sowing discord? Why do you not assume instead it is the bishops pushing for watering down Church teaching who are sowing discord? Why attack Cardinal Burke?

You can’t ask him to pray for you? To explain something to you?

That seems pretty strange.

We have an official release from the totality of the synod vs. the release of one member of that synod.

It is jumping to conclusions to doubt the release of an entire synod as agenda driven.

This is exactly why I said a couple of months ago, I had hopes that the synod would remain behind closed doors. Now, it appears, that priests and bishops are saying some who not properly disposed according to current church law, are approaching them about receiving communion. :shrug:

And we have yet another year of speculation and misinformation to contend with. The Catholic press will be hot this whole time, I’m certain.

Card Burke’s book (if you ordered it) is being released the first week of Nov. In the meantime, we can all read and fortify ourselves with the truth of the gospel.

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