Cardinal Burke: We face a grave crisis, touching the heart of the Church


As far as developing new procedures, the procedures have been in the law of the Church for centuries. They simply, especially in recent times, have not been known and have not been followed, he continued.


2nd thread the same


But for people in the pews, things don’t look so great. In 1955, nearly 75 per cent of American Catholics went weekly to Mass. Today, only 39 percent do. Outside of a few Latin Mass and “reform of the reform” enclaves, Mass-going Catholics suffer wrecked sanctuaries, botched liturgies and moral confusion. The springtime is hard to find.

In recent months, I have attended a Mass at which Christ was assigned gender-neutral pronouns, and one at which the homilist proposed that he may have had biological brothers and sisters. (So much for Mary’s perpetual virginity.) At another, I was invited to join a ministry that openly rejects Christian teaching on sex.

Absolutely great article. It is a grave crisis at the heart of the Church. Much of the Church doesn’t even resemble the Catholic Church anymore…for a good reason. It isn’t - and is proud of it. I think the exposure of the corruption at the heart of the Church is a God given chance to reform, to redeem. Do I think the RCC will do this? No. It would surprise me.


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