Cardinal Caffarra "gay marriage undermines the foundation of civilization"

Cardinal Caffarra issued the following statement in response to the words spoken by the Mayor of Bologna on the inevitability of an eventual recognition of marriage and adoptions for homosexual couples in Italy.

The statement by the Mayor of Bologna regarding the right of gay couples to marry and adopt children is so egregious that it warrants reflection.

What the mayor has prophesied to be the inevitable destiny of our country, to at last become civilized by recognizing the right of homosexual couples to marry and adopt, is an impromptu comment which comes cheap, since recognition doesn’t depend on the mayor anyway.

But this does not lessen the seriousness of the stand taken publicly by the person who represents the entire city. Where do citizens who differ fit in? What about those who, not out of a phobia, but prompted by motivated reasoning, think that marriage is what has been defined as such from the dawn of civilization? Or those who think that what must be of concern to us all is not a right to adopt but the right of every child to have a father and a mother?

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From the article:

To say that to society and to children it makes no difference whether couples are homo or hetero is to deny something so obvious that to have to explain it makes one want to cry. We have reached such a dimming of reason that we seem to think that truth can be established by law, such a blotting out of common good as to take one’s every desire to be his/her fundamental rights.

This plain talk is needed. Good for him!

An I suppose the Left will soon be saying polygamous marriages and child marriages are also “inevitable”. Kudos for his Eminence for speaking truth to power.

And once the meaning of marriage has been lost, they will be inevitable. Which is why he says that gay marriage undermines the foundation of civilization. The family is that foundation.

How very true.

He pretty much hit the nail on the head here.

I like that cardinal.

What Cardinal Caffarra said should be heard by every Catholic in the world!

I wish some of our Cardinals say the same thing. Have they?

If they have, you won’t ever hear it accurately reported in the US media!

No, the media either would not report it, or they would report it as an instance of Catholic hierarchy engaging in hatred and bigotry! Gay marriage does undermine the foundation of civilization, but most mainstream media care nothing about that. Such statements, while accurate and necessary, will merely be used to demonize the Church.

Once civilization is wrecked, of course it will ultimately be the Church which picks up the pieces and begins to rebuild.

Isn’t this just what the church has been saying all along? Can’t see anything really new.

It is not the practices of a fraction of the two percent of people who are gay that undermines marriage. It is the understanding of the other 98 % that has come to accept SSM that undermines civilization itself.

Sex whose primary purpose is personal fulfilment cannot sustain a civilization. It is just basic science that notes that there are certain biological imperatives for life, and personal fulfillment is very far down on that list.

This is no more than common sense. Relative to our leftist secular culture, such common sense takes on the air of being profound.

This. SSM could not have found such widespread support if the majority had not embraced sexual immorality and relativism in the first place. I see SSM and issues related to it (such as adoption) as a symbol of a more profound crisis of the western world.

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