Cardinal Christoph Schonborn: The fate of Ukraine regards all of us


What struck me the most during this visit, when meeting people – was their Hope and Strong Will never again to be enslaved, and their deep Faith that the Lord God has not forsaken them! And we shall not forget them, for their fate pertains to all of us!



I pray they stay strong and will never again be enslaved too.


From the article:

“Truly, this land has endured great trials through suffering and is drenched through with blood. Today, this country wants to be a free, independent, and democratic state. Will it succeed? Will the West fulfull their promises to help and support? Will Russia abandon it’s aggressive politik (the occupation of Crimea and territories in eastern Ukraine)?”


The bias… they romanticize Ukrainians like some holy sacrificial pigeons while Russia is the big bad monster . Russia took Crimea and Crimea is ethnically Russian so forget about it. Get in line behind Kosovo and Lviv come to think of it if they want to be so fair, right, and freedom loving.


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