Cardinal Dolan calls for clear reaffirmation of Church's teaching on marriage [CWN]

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, a participant in the Synod of Bishops, said in an interview that "we want to be as clear and as compelling as possible in reaffirming the Church’s …


It’s good to see Cardinal Dolan still calling those acts sins. Yes, we’re all sinners, but it’s very important to recognize those sins for what they really are - sins. I think we need to re-emphasize that sins are so offensive to God, and that our sins caused Jesus to die for us. One important element missing from the synod document is the emphasis of the sinful nature of those acts, that they’re indeed offensive to God. Without making that clear, I think it’s impossible to minister to the lost sheep effectively, because they wouldn’t understand the Church’s positions and what the right thing is. It would also cause confusion to the faithful, and run the risk of losing them, as well.

God correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think anyone ever got to Heaven through ambiguity.

But how do you get the message to sinners that they are offending God? Do you start by calling them “disordered” and condemning them? Most people become defensive when they are attacked, and telling someone they are defective is attacking them. Our Holy Father has said that this is a process. If the first step in the process turns people away, they never get further along.

We are all sinners. We all need love and forgiveness. Emphasizing this opens hearts God’s love makes us WANT to please him by avoiding sin, rather than fearing damnation. Love is stronger than fear.

Who is calling them “disordered” or defective? The Church has never done that. All people are children of God. The homosexual inclination is what is ‘objectively disordered.’ Homosexual acts are “grave matter” concerning sin. By not telling them the truth with this it only makes their condition worse. You have to know what the disease is so you can give the proper medicine. And no, I am not calling people with same sex attraction a disease I am just using an anology.

Here is one study on this subject that provides some good points.

No, we do not attack them. Jesus loved sinners, and so should we. That being said, there should be a clear distinction between the sin and the sinner. We can love the sinner and yet hate the sin, as Jesus did/does. The synod document is ambiguous at best. It seems to confuse the sin and the sinner. It claims to love sinners and yet does not repudiate the sin. In my opinion, you can’t have one without the other. How do you expect to change people if you do not let them know the error of their ways? It would do more harm to them by not telling them, and thereby in a a way condone their sins.

Jesus is Love; however, it is so important to remember that sin does offend God. And I think the Church nowadays tends to de-emphasize the latter, which is sad.

It’s a matter of perception. Being gay is part of who they are, part of their identity. There are many Church documents that refer to homosexual desires and acts as sinful and disordered. By using that language the Church leaves a lot of room for gay people to interpret it as meaning they are disordered which can lead them to feel rejected by the Church.

The media or others may tell them the Catholic Church thinks they are disordered but if they were to read the Catholic documents they are super kind and loving while still pointing out the truth. Also talking to a Catholic priests would give them love while still pointing out the truth as well. We need more priests!

I’m glad he said this, but I think the big question is whether he’s including the communion for the remarried issue in “church teachings”.

The hard part is getting them to a priest in the first place. If they’re hearing from people on the street and the media that the Church calls them “disordered” they aren’t very likely to make contact with a representative of the Church to find out what the Church actually teaches and why. Perhaps changing the language will encourage more people to walk through the doors of their nearest catholic church.

Don’t know how reliable the commentary from the article is, but this quote is quintessential Cardinal Dolan:

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan told CBS This Morning the synod would find common ground that would satisfy hard-liners, including Burke.

“All of this is almost like antipasto to help the Holy Father arrive in a fresh new way to teach the timeless teachings of the church on marriage and family.”

:eek: Woah, check out this quote from Card Dolan:

"We in the Church in Europe, the Church in North America, we suffer sometimes from a lethargy, don’t we? Not Africa! … The bishops of Africa are prophetic in reminding us that the role of the Church is to transform the culture, not to be transformed by the culture. …

I’m afraid sometimes we in the West might say, “Oh, I guess we ought to dilute things, I guess we ought to capitulate, it’s obvious this teaching’s being rejected, oh my Lord, we’re not popular.” And the Africans say, “Well, you know what? We’re not supposed to be. What we’re supposed to do is propose the truth and invite people by the love and the joy of our lives to embrace the truth. And take it from us, brothers, it works.”


The Church has learned (hopefully) through it’s own bitter, and costly entanglement with the mysterious phenomenon of homosexuality that too often the priest answering the door might also dwell in the same dark space. It is a sad reality.

Homosexuality is a sign of our times, since it is oddly central (and it should not be) to debates relative of family matters. However, we can be sure that nothing regarding this topical material can overcome the teaching of the Church.

God is clear regarding the fundaments of his creation. Let us be humble enough to listen (and accept) his “Holy Word”.

Totally agree!!

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