Cardinal Dolan: Church may give up feeding poor over birth control mandate

I saw this posted somewhere else. This video doesn’t really post the context behind what the Cardinal is saying so I don’t want to comment on it yet. Does anybody have a link to an article or another video that plays this whole segment of Cardinal Dolan in context?

That is the most blatantly biased “news” account I have seen in a long time. It is inaccurate, hostile, and childish.

Besides, who sets up a discussion panel where all of the people agree? What is the point of that, except to try to reinforce their inaccurate analysis of the situation? Isn’t the point of a panel to get input from different viewpoints?

Shame on them for a bunch of yellow, bullying “journalists.”


(I knew there was a reason I didn’t watch MSNBC.)

MSNBC is well known for their pro-abortion, pro-Obama, pro-same sex marriage, and ANTI-Catholic Church stances. I would suggest that if you want to know the context of what Cardinal Dolan said, that the National Catholic Register (online edition) would give you a much more honest report.

Thanks pacr40303, I’ll look there. It seemed to be obviously taken out of context to me, so I want to verify what it really says before I say anything. In the meantime, if any of you find it, please post.

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