Cardinal Dolan Honors Girl Scouts at Cathedral Mass

One would think that Catholics of all people should be aware of the injustice of guilt by association. The immoral actions of some, even leaders, does not reflect on the group. Now to what one parent said, of course if one is having to deal with such a leader locally that your girl is exposed to this, then removal is prudent. But that is a local decision.

The most recent statement from the NCCGSCF (National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts USA and Camp Fire USA) is from February 2012. I imagine that will get updated very quickly once the USCCB decides on something.

It seems likely to me that when the bishops make some sort of determination, it will be at one of their meetings. So we’ll probably see headlines in either June or November.

Well. None of this sounds very good at all. I would think that, at the very least, if there is even a remote chance that the GSA includes curriculum that goes against Church teaching/the GSA supports organizations that go against Church teachings that our Church leaders should refrain from giving them “awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.” If there is an investigation still in the works, why not wait until that investigation is complete?

I know I’m “just” a lay person, but really…isn’t this just common sense?

Guilty until proven innocent may work at vetting a new practice, but not so much when a practice has been done for decades.

I’m neither shocked nor surprised…just saddened.

Here’s an article from about why the Missouri Right to Life warns about Girl Scout/Planned Parenthood ties.

Missouri Right to Life’s explanation:

There are many significant pro-life concerns about the Girl Scout organization. Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) collaborates with numerous organizations that promote abortion for all women, including adolescent girls. GSUSA is the largest member organization of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), making up a quarter of its 10 million girl members worldwide and paying over 1 million dollars annually to WAGGGS based on the number of registered GSUSA members. Through its resources, participation in international seminars and conferences, and non-formal education programs, WAGGGS actively advocates for and funds campaigns to expand reproductive/abortion rights. Both GSUSA and WAGGGS delegates regularly participate in various UN conferences, and, as representatives of WAGGGS, advocate specifically on behalf of their 10 million girl members for the inclusion of abortion rights on the global stage. The International Planned Parenthood Federation claims a close partnership with WAGGGS. In the United States, regional Girl Scout councils (though not required) are permitted to partner with local Planned Parenthood affiliates. GSUSA is also a member organization of The Coalition for Adolescent Girls, whose international and national agenda specifically supports abortion related care for adolescent girls.

Girl Scout materials are concerning as well. GSUSA’s Journey series, which is the curriculum used by every Girl Scout council, recommends and promotes many well-known abortion-rights advocates like Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Geraldine Ferraro, and Dolores Huerta, and organizations such as Amnesty International, the Population Council, and the ACLU.

Girl Scouts USA’s official blog, which is accessible to all members and which young girls very likely access, is also problematic, as it frequently includes live links to publications that consistently promote sexual and reproductive/abortion rights and explicit sexual content such as The Huffington Post, Marie Claire magazine, iVillage, and Jezebel.

Even the sale of Girl Scout cookies is a concern, as GSUSA makes millions of dollars every year from the licensing fees derived from the production of the cookies to further fund their efforts outlined above.

Until the Girl Scouts renounces its support for and promotion of all those organizations referenced above and their pro-abortion advocacy positions, Missouri Right to Life urges citizens to carefully consider whether to participate in or support the Girl Scouts.

There’s even a site that does nothing but document the many problematic issues with the Girl Scouts:

The cookies may be good, but the organization, not so much. Looks like the Boy Scouts will fall into the same boat by the end of this month.

The Boy Scouts & Girls Scouts were being awarded Catholic religious medals they earned that are in compliance with Catholic doctrine. Nothing controversial here. :shrug:

Yep, nothing controversial there. :rolleyes:

Seems to me there is enough evidence out there that it doesn’t require a long drawn out investigation. There’s certainly enough evidence out there to at least justify holding back on a long time “practice” until the official investigation is done.

Also, to allow this because it is a longtime practice doesn’t fly with me when it was also a long time practice to withhold communion from public sinners and that isn’t happening in the same diocese.

I wonder about what is taking so long. Granted, the Church has a long history of not making quick/rash decisions regarding whatever the topic may be. There are exceptions to that, but traditionally the process has been long and drawn out.

One problem is that the “evidence out there” is full of half-truths and exaggerations. It takes a lot of time to sort through the rhetoric. Believe me, I’ve tried. :stuck_out_tongue: The bishops aren’t going to cut ties in an instant with a group that currently works with half a million young Catholic girls across the country based on guilt-by-association. The evidence is not nearly so convincing as many believe it is.

Another problem is that people keep recycling the same criticisms, which makes it seem like there’s more there than there actually is. The Journey curriculum has already been changed per the suggestions made by the NCCGSCF. It is definitely good that people are paying attention and making these criticisms. If not, then stuff like that would just go forward and the GSUSA would have no idea that anyone had a problem with it. But when we keep recycling the same criticisms over and over again, it is not going to be very convincing as evidence of anything other than the critics’ lack of ability to properly sift through Google search results. The bishops are going to look at that, see the change has already been made, and then move on.

Of course it’s not true! And even if the Girl Scouts were involved in supporting Planned Parenthood, so what? Planned Parenthood does fine work; it is critically important that young teens learn how to express themselves through sadomasochism, bondage, polyamory and other healthy loving practices!

It is really too much.

Our girls go to American Heritage Girls. This origination is based on moral Christian beliefs. We have a great group (this is its first year in our area).

This being said the children that were honored were just that children. They worked hard on their badges. Maybe we adults should be more involved and supportive of alternative organizations.

Same here, my wife has been active in our Troop since it’s founding 6 years ago
My wife was a Girl Scout, be we made a decision awhile ago not to involve ourselves in GSUSA. At that time, it was due to the almost entirely pro-choice, pro gay rights lineup of speakers at the national convention.

So when an AHG troop formed up at a nearby parish, we got involved almost immediately

I’ve got four girls in it, a Pioneer, an Explorer, a Tenderheart and a Pathfinder :thumbsup:

Please please please PLEEEZ stop calling abortion ‘choice!’

I hope you’re right Joe. But once again, I’m not feeling all that sure that you are.

You and me both.

I’m still leaning towards we shouldn’t continue praising the Girl Scouts until it’s all sorted out and it’s been (here I go again!) made** clear **that it’s all sorted out.

I won’t be buying cookies from them anytime soon :thumbsup:

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