Cardinal Dolan: Islamic State is perversion of Islam, as IRA was perversion of Catholicism [CC]

The Islamic State represents “a particularly perverted form of Islam,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has said.“These are not pure, these are not real Muslims,” the cardinal said …


Too bad war-mongers won’t pay attention.

I agree. We should invade Ireland immediately. They were first in line and have better pubs than Syria. :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, I wonder if CNN will report this story, “Cardinal Dolan Calls for Invasion of Ireland.”

Perhaps you can elaborate to understand your point? Islamic terrorists won’t pay attention? Clearly he makes this connection as I listened to him speak. The article is abbreviated. Let me add it…

likewise, the Islamic State extremists “do not represent genuine Islamic thought,” but are “a particularly perverted form of Islam.” Cardinal Dolan

Our Pope said an international force, as in the UN cooperating with one another should be used. Not the US bombing indiscriminately. If we had not invaded Iraq, armed “rebels” in Syria, and sent drones to kill innocent women and children, we would not have this monster to contend with.
We can’t bomb our way to peace.

Two completely different examples. While the IRA did some horrendous things, it wasn’t a group trying to conquer and spread its ideologies across the world. The IRA’s beginnings were a response to centuries of foreign occupation and oppression. Sorry, but the IRA were political revolutionaries that happened to be Catholic. Putting ISIS and the IRA in the same sentence is wrong and misleading, this coming from an Anglican. 75% of Ireland voted for independence but the UK kept the North in spite of the votes.

Read what he said. He never claimed they were identical or “examples” whatever you mean by that word. He is only drawing a point of comparison so that we may have a little historical perspective on current events.

Long as we’re clear on what the Cardinal stated. :thumbsup: The above doesn’t require a response there is nothing there but tactical premise of a convoluted conspiracy.

I must respectfully disagree with the Cardinal.

Let’s stop trying apologize for Islam and the barbarity of ISIS by comparing it to other movements like the IRA, which in no way can compare with the vile acts and scale of these miserable cretins. Islam is the only one that should be trying to apologize for this behavior. There is simply no moral equivalency that will suffice when it comes to ISIS. Even the Nazi’s pale in comparison, as they tried hard to cover-up there atrocities.

-The US doesn’t bomb indiscriminately. Not only has the US adopted a more moral approach to the idea of limiting collateral damage, indiscriminate bombing is ineffective and expensive.
-Drones aren’t sent to kill non-combatants (apparently innocent men don’t count as such for some people). Even the US intelligence agencies that use a much broader criteria in terms of acceptable levels of collateral damage don’t intentionally target non-combatants for drone strikes.
-The invasion of Iraq- yeah it was done by an international force.
-The rebels in Syria- yeah actual rebels not “rebels”, and the amount of military support given to them wouldn’t have any real impact on the ability of ISIS or other Islamic extremist groups to function or seize power in Syria or Iraq.

I did read it, and he is trying to make a moral equivalency that does not exist. All you have to do is look at the names of the two groups to see the differences “ISlAMIC STATE” and “Irish REPUBLICAN Army.” I think Cardinal Dolan spinelessly is giving in to the modern idea that all religions have performed evil in equity.

The Bible tells us to be our brother’s keepers.

Hope the genocide-mongers remember this in their support of dubious regimes.

If one reads up on the troubles of Ireland, that is not a religious war. It has an element of religion in it.

While ISIS definitely operates on a religious basis.


100% agreed. There is a reason why our founding fathers didn’t want us getting involved in complicated issues overseas.

The Cardinal appears to disagree with you. Why don’t you correct him since you apparently know more than he does.

What we have done, and are doing, will take at least a generation to fix. And more war will not solve it.

Who’s that then?

Does the UN even want to be involved?

Also, like it or not, it’s not all our fault if it even is at all. :rolleyes:

Where in his statement does the Cardinal indicate that ISIS doesn’t operate under a religious basis?

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