Cardinal Dolan Says Catholic High School’s Decision Distorts True Meaning of Tolerance

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, recently wrote a commentary for The New York Daily News lamenting a Catholic high school’s decision to cancel a lecture about the Church’s true teaching on homosexuality.

Catholic Education Daily reported that Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx, New York, canceled a lecture with the Rev. Donald G. Timone, who has been involved with the Catholic organization “Courage,” which offers spiritual support to men and women with same-sex attraction to live chaste lives in fellowship, truth and love.

I completely agree with Cardinal Dolan.

Its a Catholic school? :shrug:

I’m surprised, in a good way, that Card Dolan said this. Very glad he did :thumbsup:

right on Cardinal Dolan, in the words of Bishop Sheen, the truth is the truth, even if nobody believes it and a lie is still a lie, even if everybody believes it.

I’m finding it a bit difficult to place much stock in what Cardinal Dolan has to say anymore owing to some of his actions of the past couple years.

Good for Cardinal Dolan.

Reading the article it looks like the talk wasn’t even going to be given to students, but to the parents’ association. An LGBTQ group protested and the board of trustees gave in. One of the linked articles quotes a student saying that homosexuality was expressed as just another option in their Theology of the Body class. :confused:

If you look at their “Why chose Spellmen?” page it only talks about academics; nothing about education integrated with Catholic moral formation. Heck the word Catholic doesn’t even appear on that page. Me thinks there are numerous things wrong at the school where diversity is more important than teaching truth.

His stock here is high. He is the bishop and this is his diocese. That is an objective fact. New York is blessed to have such a holy and strong shepherd. He stays the course true and straight, no giving in to political correctness on either side.

A lot of people confuse tolerance with acceptance. We have to tolerate sin. We are all sinners. But we do not accept it just because it “is”. No. We do not accept it.

I am confused about one aspect of this story. Was the lecture canceled because they did not like the existence or the message of the group “Courage” Or did they think the group was too controversial? It is not clear to me WHY this lecture was canceled.

Truth is truth even if nobody believes it and error is error even if everybody believes it.

LOVE that quote.

What actions? Put your money where your mouth is.

The organization Courage encourages homosexual persons to live a chaste life. Perhaps it was this message that was intolerable to the tolerance police.

I guess thats what I was really asking. What or who CAUSED the cancellation. So it is being suggested that gay groups didn’t like the idea of people helping others to be chaste?

Or did the Cardinal think that the group Courage was a worthwhile group?

So you don’t put much stock in the idea that people with same sex attraction can be counseled to live chaste lives?

It was the board of trustees that advised against it. A homosexual activist group also raised an objection.

First of all he hob-nobbed with the “murderer-in-chief” at the Al Smith dinner even after a lot of faithful Catholics were incensed that Pres. Obama was even invited. Dolan also appeared on Meet the Press recently and said that in 37 years as a priest he has never once preached a homily on those things that will send people to hell if they continue in them, He attended a “Mass” in a mostly gay “parish” and appeared to be enjoying the sight. He confessed to being "gun-shy for several years on preaching about hot button issues both in the church and outside of it. That has been over a year ago and there has been no change. Maybe someone could explain these things away. He seems more like a politician than a priest!:shrug:

What I’m saying is that Card. Dolan talks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, or so it seems.
Check out this from American Life League an open letter to Card. Dolan from a priest.

But that doesn’t answer the question. Ad hominem rarely does.
Do you or don’t put much stock in the idea that people with same sex attraction can be counseled to live chaste lives?

You mean he welcomed a sinner and was willing to talk to him and be friendly toward him, just like Jesus did? GASP!

I’m sure they can be, the same as heterosexuals but the question would be, do they want the counsel? That has to do with an individual’s desire to live chastely or not.

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