Cardinal Dolan Says Catholic High School’s Decision Distorts True Meaning of Tolerance

It didn’t seem that he acted the same as Jesus. Did he say to Pres. Obama “Go and sin no more?” If Dolan did that, why is it not recorded anywhere in the media? I understand that several years ago Mother Teresa called out the then President and First Lady for their shameless support and promotion of abortion throughout the world. Did Card. Dolan do that?:shrug: Thank you. Of course Cardinal Dolan should have been friendly toward Obama, same as toward anyone, however if that was ALL he did, what is that going to do for Mr Obama’s eternal soul?:confused:

Based on what I’ve read, the cancellation was the result of opposition by staff and alumni of the school.

Why is it not recorded in the media? Seriously? Because its the MEDIA. They would never be caught dead recording and reporting on such a statement made to the almighty Obama.

Then why is it known that Mother Teresa did what she did to another pro-abortion President?:confused:

The answer to whether they want it or not would be a statistical one. My own educated guess would be that the vast majority are hostile to the idea, and are hence hostile to the message that Dolan and the Catholic Church conveyed in this speech and the overall teachings.

The political desire of the movement is for full acceptance of homosexual sexual relations as being the equivalent and just as legitimate as heterosexual ones.

Many Catholics are hostile to that notion too, as the ruling of the Catholic school board against the delivery of that message reveals.

Because the media was not madly in love with Obama 20 years ago.

I’m not hostile to the idea that people can be counseled to have a chaste lifestyle. The movement we are speaking of certainly is, however. Seems they want the rest of us to be “counseled” to accept that kind of lifestyle, and they have the backing of the Government and even some “members” of the Church (read wolves in sheep’s clothing).:eek:

When ever anyone has to jump topic and go all over the map to attack a leader of the Church, I usually note that it is politics over Christianity, and the right does it as much as the left. As to the American Life League, the article is not from Cardinal Dolan. It is not his words or his mouth, either side. It is a letter on a website with a political feud against the Catholic Church. Even if it is a genuine letter, whatever that means, it does not even* claim to quote* Cardinal Dolan. Rather in the article we have the words from Cardinal Dolan:

"The epidemic of pornography, adultery, sky-high divorce rates, human trafficking, treating others as objects and not as people made in the image and likeness of God, all can be traced back to the lack of virtue and purity in our lives. "

This is what the Cardinal said. Why would we give any heed to someone who says he talks out of both sides when they do not even quote him? The Church will always have wolves. Sometimes they attack the shepherds as well as the sheep.


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I think it is unfortunate that a Catholic school would cancel an event that is meant to promote an aspect of Catholic moral teaching. I mean, what does it mean to be a Catholic high school? Should their status as a catholic high school be reviewed because of this?


Please correct me if I’m wrong but are you under the impression that “Courage” is trying to encourage and counsel us to accept homosexual tendencies. If not please explain your above quote. If so I really think you should study up on “courage” to help you understand their ministry.


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