Cardinal Dolan Shares His Powerful Christmas Message

Getting in the holiday spirit may be a challenge for some people this year with all the dark events occurring around the world at the moment.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, appeared on “Fox and Friends” this morning to share his powerful, uplifting Christmas message.

Can’t take him seriously after I saw a photo of Dolan saying Mass in Green Bay wearing a cheese head!

cheese head ???

Its a symbol of an American football team in that city.

Then it is inappropriate to wear it for saying Mass. If he takes Mass seriously, would he actually do that?:(.

He mocked his cardinals cape before and Cardinal Dolan never seemed like a by the book guy. He’s kind of a joker and really friendly. Not what I look for in a Bishop but appealing to some.

I know, but I did not know he mocked his cardinal cape time and again. That is really unfortunate. It is one thing to be a joker and friendly, it is a totally different thing to take what the Church trusts to him lightly and disrespectfully. The Church certainly has multiple problems at every level.

We need to pray for him maybe. He should take seriously his role as Cardinal. There are appropriate times to joke and inappropriate times.

I listen to his Homilies on the Catholic Channel on Sirus Satellite radio, I’m lucky enough to be leaving for work when Mass starts during the week. His Homilies are very good, he goes deep.

The cheesehead incident

Thanks for the link and setting the record straight.

Thank you for sharing this. I especially like his perspective on those who only show up at Christmas. It is a shame that all some took from this was a chance to slander. May God grant us all peace!

I had to use this link to hear it:

cardinal dolan has unfortunately become a clown prince of our Church

pro-abortionists deblasio & andrew cuomo had front row seats at st pat’s for midnight mass

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