Cardinal Dolan: That ‘Conscience Thing’ Is ‘Ennobling,’ ‘Enlightened’

For our foundational generations, this was freedom for religion, to let it flourish unfettered from government intrusion, not freedom from religion, as today’s established creed, secularism, would have us believe. As Charles Chaput, the Archbishop of Philadelphia, remarks, “Religious freedom is never just freedom from repression, but also freedom for active discipleship. It includes the right of religious believers, leaders and communities to engage society and to work actively in the public square.”

Simply put, government has no business interfering in the internal life of the soul, conscience, or church.

How about for his next speech: “President Obama, let my people go!”

I honestly can’t tell if you’re mocking him or not…

I certainly hope not…

It’s funny how something can mean totally different things according to how it is read. It never occured to me that it might be read to mock the Cardinal but now that you ask, I can see how it might be so construed. For example, I presume that “him” above refers to the Cardinal but it could also be the president. Amusing.

Yeah, I was referencing the Cardinal with that “him.”

I assumed you weren’t mocking the Cardinal, I just have some friends who would say things like that mockingly, so that’s how it sounds in my head >_>

Regardless, you have to love the Cardinal, he’s never one to pull punches about the truth.

I do, indeed. Hopefully he will inspire others.

So true.

I always say if you have something important to say to someone; first face to face, 2nd telephone, 3rd Email and only when the other two will not do.

Have you ever said something to someone, then later when thinin g back on it, realized you said it in such a way that they likely understood it all wrong? Hate when that happens.

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