Cardinal Dolan to Romney, Obama: Pledge to Play Nice


The voters don’t like dirty politics, but consider “Pathological Politics”:

“…Because voters are rationally ignorant (the costs of gaining particular kinds of information are greater than the benefits since one vote is essentially meaningless), politicians must employ a language designed to evoke emotion – enough emotion to motivate the right people to turn out and vote. Thus, politicians rarely speak with precise meanings, marginal calculations, or logical reasoning; instead they manipulate effect, raw emotions, group identifications, and even hatred, envy, and threats. Because premature commitment to an issue can cause one to end up in a minority position, successful politicians equivocate, hint, exaggerate, procrastinate, ‘straddle fences,’ adopt code words, and speak in non-sequiturs. Understanding the politician is therefore extremely frustrating for those who value precise statements. But note that this problem is not the fault of the politician; it is rooted in the rational ignorance of voters, the distribution of conflicting sentiments among voters, and the nature of collective endeavor. What all this means is clear: Political communication is rarely conducive to rational or efficient allocation of scarce resources. This does not mean that the individual politicians are irrational in their choice of language and symbolic activities. Waving the flag and kissing babies are practiced because of their tactical value in an activity that is at once a rational game and a morality play; in that conjunction lies the endless fascination and frustration of politics.”

Chapter 4: “Pathological Politics” from Beyond Politics, by William C. Mitchell of the University of Oregon & Randy T. Simmons of Utah State University

This was captured magnificently in All The King’s Men, the story of an honest man who tried to get elected governor with the line, “What this state needs is a good tax policy.” His campaign went no where until he started yelling and screaming accusations about “fat cats” and how he was for the little man.

So, if the voter is “rationally ignorant”, whose fault is it?

“The whole purpose of much political rhetoric is to keep us from thinking, and stir our emotions instead.”

As if the ideological left has EVER “played nice.”


Nice try, Cardinal Dolan.

P.S. - Isn’t this code for, “Don’t say anything bad about the minority President?” That has always seemed the deepest sort of racism to me.

And the reason for that is their ideas don’t work, and the reason they don’t work is that peoples’ rights must be taken away first. Obviously, you can’t take away peoples’ rights and still have a free society. Take one of their favorite lines: “Diversity is our strength.” Where is the proof that this is true? It doesn’t exist, and everyone [except liberals] knows it. If diversity was our strength, why does it have to be force-fed to the public through “re-education” programs?

Note also it’s never the fault of their ideas; it’s always someone or something else.

Exactly. They love to do a lot of revisionism.

It is not just about issues but also about character. I am afraid too often people confuse negative ads with pointing out differences between candidates.

Exactly! This article is very dated as well, 8/12/12. Dolan has been refused a spot to speak during the DNC.

I for one am sick of treating the two camps as equal. The report is out, Obama supports only 4 of 23 Catholic positions while Romeny supports 12 of 23. Not to mention that Obama is in active opposition to the Church with his HHS mandate; failure to enforce the DOMA and many, many other issues. Seriously, why bother!

While Christ dined with sinners he also drove out the money changers from the temple and was none too nice about it!

The Cardinal is not going to play the race card. The problem isn’t with the two candidates, but with the packs of mouthfoaming supporters of those two men. :frowning:

Did He ever dine with money changers? Are there accusations of the equivalent of money-changing in this campaign?

What has one to do with the other? :shrug:

Do you want the HHS mandate?
Do you want Catholic hospitals to be sold?
Do you want our church to have to fund abortions?
Do you want immigration policy that is lawless?
Can you explain to me how a vote for Obama will lead to a reversal of the HHS mandate? Can you explain to me how our Church will not have to fund abortions if one casts their vote for Obama?
Can you explain to me how a vote for Obama means that our children won’t have to grow up in a country that has $26 Trillion in debt in 10 years?
Can you explain to me why Obama, who didn’t care about the economy during his first term, despite the specter of re-election, is going to care about it in his second?

Our Bishops have made it abundantly clear, obama must go!

Can you cite any speech by any bishop that says that “Obama must go”? I’d love to see it. Our bishops have all along been very careful to avoid endorsing or condemning either Romney or Obama. And, that won’t change even on election day.

It’s interesting that some 80% of voters report to being tired of all the negativity in political ads, but the reason that such ads keep on coming is because, in the end, that’s what most people respond to.

You and I both know that by law they cannot otherwise the Church loses its tax exempt status. But I am not bound by this straightjacket and can use my intellect to and my voice to express the serious threat to religious liberty at stake in this election. Sadly I believe you think this is all fun and games but I for one do not want mine or my children’s religious liberty threatened.

:hmmm:And that coming from what seems to me the GOP’s dog whistle strategy.Peace, Carlan

What’s a “dog whistle strategy?”

Which you are free to do. But, you have acknowledged that no bishop has ever said, “Obama must go.”

Sadly I believe you think this is all fun and games but I for one do not want mine or my children’s religious liberty threatened.

Why do you think that I am not as firm in my beliefs as you are in yours?

UPDATE: Just heard on the radio,that in fact Cardinal Dolan will be giving the Benediction at the DC Convention as well…

Good. :thumbsup:

I didn’t get this impression at all.

Why inject race into it?

We’ve heard from a good number of Catholics that it is a scandal for Cardinal Dolan to have invited the President to the Catholic Charities benefit banquet in NYC. We can now expect the same crowd to condemn the Cardinal for praying with Democrats. He’s damned if he does and damned if he don’t. :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

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