Cardinal Dolan's plan to save Catholic schools [CWN]

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York touted the academic successes of Catholic schools and challenged Catholic educators "to be bold in our thinking and …


So glad to hear this. Cardinal Dolan is right. The one parish/one school no longer works but the need for Catholic Schools is ever more necessary.

What can we, the laity, do to help this come about?

Encourage more vocations. so that we will have more teaching nuns in our schools.

I understand the need to pay secular teachers a just and living wage, but that puts Catholic education beyond the economic reach of those of us with large families.

That is one of the primary reasons we homeschool.

And secondarily, we need to insure the doctrinal integrity of our schools is absolute. When my kids were in Catholic schools, I had to correct a number of doctrinal errors in the faculty. They were all well meaning, and the pastor was very helpful. But such errors should not be happening at all.

I was very fortunate to have come out of Catholic schools in the 70’s and 80’s as a Catholic. The instruction I was given was pathetic at best, and heretical at worst. If I didn’t have parents who knew their Faith, I don’t think I would be Catholic today.

My wife came out a similar 12 years of Catholic education as an anti-Catholic agnostic. It was years of work and lots of Grace that brought about her reversion.

We can’t have that again. They knowledge of the Faith of today’s Catholic graduates should be just as in depth as their knowledge of Algebra and Trig. If it isn’t, we failed them

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