Cardinal explains how we see the Face of Christ now

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope you will take time to read a beautiful homily given by Cardinal Tagle of the Philippines. I hope, since it was published in Zenit which is a worldwide source, it will be read by many Catholics all over the world. How transformative it could be, if we heard his explanation of last Sunday’s Gospel as he presents Jesus’ words to us, and began to live and to love as Jesus has loved us!…esus-face-now/

Link is broken. Try this instead:

Thanks Sirach – not sure why the original link didn’t work but thanks for repeating another to help people read the article. Hope you and many others are blessed in reading it. :slight_smile:

Excellent homily; thanks for posting!

I had not heard of the Holy Face of Manoppello before.

Thanks for your reply, Wampa; I had not heard of it before either. I really liked the homily, though. I needed this homily on how to see the Face of Christ in the way described by the Cardinal. Hope others will be blessed by this homily and by the Cardinal’s life and ministry for God’s glory!

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