Cardinal George: New Pope Must Have"Zero Tolerance" for Sex Abuse

:hmmm:I can’t help but wondering if this need to ensure a complete cleansing of the stain left by these scandals, might encourage the election of a younger pope. One with a record for being tough on priests who have committed such acts.

I think this pretty much goes without saying. Or at least I hope it does. :shrug:

I think there many good reasons why they may select a young (relatively speaking) Pope.

And that “zero tolerance” needs to be retroactive.

I think you are right. And it would be consistent with past elections.

What do people feel about Catholics petitioning for Cardinals who knowingly covered up priest’s sex abuse crimes to not be allowed to vote in the conclave? I think it’s a good step myself, one of the major things we need to do is clear up this sex scandal mess once and for all

We need a pope who is not tainted by it, and a hierarchy who are prepared to acknowledge past mistakes, and if necessary, do what Cardinal O’Brien has done, come clean and step down from their ministry.

We have to take it down to the basic level, no man found guilty of sex abuse at any level, from deacon, through parish priest, dean, vicar general, canon, bishop, archbishop, cardinal, pope, should be allowed to be active. All levels need to be cleaned, top to bottom

We actually need a pincer approach, a clean pope with zero tolerance, work from the bottom and the top simeltaneously, only then will it be truly successful

i am praying daily that the conclave will be able to discern and elect whomever the Holy Spirit leads them to select, all past and politics aside.

what a wonderful and powerful stand the conclave would make for the Catholic Church if on the very first vote there is 100% consensus for the next pope.

While this is definitely an important issue, I hope the Pope cracks down hard on ordinary ‘everyday’ sins also. People, whether with same attraction or opposite attraction… let’s face it, outside of marriage it’s temptation caused by concupiscence and not something natural, whether ‘straight’ as people proudly call themselves, or queer. It’s times like these when we need Popes and top-level cardinals and bishops to uphold the doctrines and teachings of St Alphonsus, St Aquinas, and St Francis, St Rose, St Gregory, etc.

It is a horrific idea.

The Church is not a democracy. It is not “We the Catholics” Church. The Cardinals have been given the authority (and ONLY the Cardinals) to choose the next Pope. We do not have the authority tp influence or interfere with that process, established by the Bride of Christ.

Horrible idea.

Now – if they wish to do this themselves, then fine. But “people petitioning” is not a good idea at all.


Sounds good to me.:thumbsup:

Video of Cardinal george

Amen! I think a democratic sort of theology can scandalize and have a slippery slope effect. People may think that they can eventually change established church doctrine through this kind of public petition.

If we want to influence the college of Cardinals, the most powerful and humble way is that of prayer. We should pray for the pope we need and for an increase of holiness in all the members of the body of Christ.

I have an odd feeling that the conclave would be a lot emptier if every Cardinal that covered up sex abuse chose not to vote.

Isn’t every Catholic against pedophilia but those very, very, VERY few who has commited this sin. Look at fathers (in families), teachers or even many in protestantic sects. There are hundreds of tousends more among those who have commited the sin of pedophila.
THINK beore you speak!

So because people who aren’t Priests are pedophiles we should ignore the abuse and cover up in the Church?

Horrible argument and rationalization that should be stopped.

While the Church is not a democracy, it’s important for the hierarchy of the Church to be good examples and leaders. So, I think it’s important for our Cardinals to know that we have high expectations and that we want the sex scandal filth cleaned up. The new Pope should be beyond reproach and I think things won’t go well if the next Pope doesn’t live up to this expectation.

How they can expect to crack down on the smaller things is beyond me if they can’t tackle this problem. Cracking down on premarital sex, cohabitation, not going to Church, etc. All pales in comparison to children being sexually abused by clergy and worse, having it covered up. Leadership is not very effective if the hierarchy of the Church insist on a certain moral code of Catholics, but then do something else when it comes to themselves.

There’s no doubt in my mind that all eyes will be eagerly awaiting to find out about our new Pope, who he is, where he comes from, and will dig in his past to make sure he is beyond reproach, and more imporantantly, they will be eager to see what the new Pope does when he gets to work.

It may be a horrofic idea today, but the first three hundred years of apostolic tradition said otherwise.

A succeeding bishop of sterling character and spiritual reputation from a local church was chosen by the laity, deacons and presbyters from within that local church with public affirmation during the ordination presided over by three bishops from the region.

God’s peace


And we don’t live 300 years ago. We live now. Let’s keep it real.


If that’s the way it was done from the beginning, then maybe that’s the way it should be now. Maybe part of the problems in the Church, such as the child sex abuse scandals, are because they haven’t been doing it the way it’s supposed to be done. But keep in mind that the Cardinals who are voting are accessible to the people, and hopefully they have heard their people. We don’t always think of this but, it’s really up to the laity to be involved – like they used to be in the beginning and first few centuries. The more involved Catholics are with the Church, the more the Cardinals will hear them and in effect will chose their leaders.

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