Cardinal George on border kids: ‘We need to protect these abandoned children’

HHS Bankrolled Catholic and Baptist Church from 2010 to 2013 to Prepare for Obama’s 2014 Invasion!

I agree with Cardinal George, not the other link you all slipped in there.

If we need to protect someone, I would think U.S. veterans who need medical care, and have been abused and “abandoned” by the VA. I don’t think it’s at all clear that these children are abandoned, or have been sent as a beachhead to drag the rest of the family into the U.S. I heard on the news today that 15% of the population of Honduras is now in the U.S. That’s not abandonment, that’s an invasion.

I don’t mean any disrespect for Pope Francis, but if he thinks these children need protection, the Vatican may be a good place. He really shouldn’t be telling Americans how to run our country.We already have too many unaccompanied children; we can’t take them all in.

I agree. Same-same with anyone of European descent (including myself!) who now resides in North America.

What does Pope Francis have to do with this? The OP refers to Cardinal Francis George, an American cardinal.

Good for Cardinal George. I haven’t seen him involved in a lot of the politicization of this issue as done by some of his peers. Glad to see he is just wanting to get his hands dirty.

I agree with Cardinal George. I hope and pray that America, especially Catholics who are trying to follow our Lord’s teaching, will open our hearts to these individuals. We can certainly at least be praying for them. We in America probably can’t understand the desperation they may be facing.

I agree with Cardinal George as well.

So how do you feel about Black People? Do you think the percentage of blacks of the population shrinks if Amnesty were granted? What about inner city youth?? If we spend so many billions to help out those coming across the border, how about those in the cities?

Thank you for your question. I feel about Black People exactly the same as I feel about all of us. The amount of money we have in North America should be ample to help the people in the inner cities as well as welcoming refugees. We, like many other nations, suffer from corruption at the top end. Which is why I don’t like to spend my money at Walmart, et. al. and prefer to support local businesses. (I realize that it seems off topic, but for me it isn’t.)

Amen. Any Catholic hostility towards these children seems to be fueled by the false notion that Catholicism is the same as, or even superseded by, Republicanism. I simply don’t understand it otherwise :shrug:

I fear that people in this country over politicize things, and they see any statement to protect immigrants even if they are illegal as a endorsement of immigration policy that doesn’t punish those who come into this country illegally.

I really do think the Pope and Cardinal George are making a moral statement and a social justice statement not a political statement.

forty to fifty percent of these kids will expect to be allowed to stay in this country is what is being reported. Families are encouraging their families in El Salvador to send their relatives because they feel immigration will be allowed.

What is sad is the Catholic church is not asking that the Iraqi families whose men helped the US soldiers stay alive. Africa refugees, syrian refugees, gaza strip all you hear the Catholic church speak about is Catholic from South America.

The cost we will have to pay is something like this.

Don’t say “Republicanism.” Most establishment-type Republicans are fully supportive of totally open borders. At the same time, they don’t really want legalization.

Why? They want to drive labor costs down. If they can replace American employees with illegal employees, they can pay out a reduced hourly wage, pay that wage in cash (thereby not paying out payroll taxes), provide no benefits, and allow unsafe working conditions. If one of their illegal alien employees complain, they can simply report that employee to immigration and have that employee deported.

This situation provides these corporatist Republicans an opportunity to accomplish that goal.

I personally think there is a populist backlash that will not allow amnesty to be granted to undocumented persons for years to come.

It’s already been reported the homeless in LA are criticizing the Mayor for possibly hosting these refugees while the homeless are not cared about, it’s already been reported that African Americans in many cities, at least in New Jersey, Baltimore and Chicago, are critical for seeing how these refugees are being treated yet their own areas are riddled with crime and they are not being assisted.

All you hear in this country lately maybe. However, if you do a quick Google check, you will find many articles and websites that show this has long been a concern of the Church all over the world.

I used Catholic response to refugees. I found things from Australia, Ireland, Syria just in the first page.

So, since Coyotes and Drug Cartels are involved in the dirty business of human trafficking along with for the Cartels, drug smuggling and a very bloody war, would you say it would be better for the USA to help these children avoid the long trek from Central America where some are prey to these unscrupulous persons by sending planes to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to pick them up?

An invasion like nazi Germany did with Poland in 1939? That’s the same word that you used.

The pope is the head of the Catholic Church and he tells us how we should act. He is giving us guidance.

So you don’t think we are doing wrong in accepting abortion, and that we have women having 5 kids from 5 different baby daddy’s and get section 8 housing plus food stamps?

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