Cardinal Georges Cottier


This is prob old news but on a chat forum discussing church’s teaching on artificial contraception they threw the following link into the debate

Vatican cleric fuels condom row

Does anyone know what the truth of this is?

Also - are there any good sites online about

A: chastity promotion initiatives in africa - and statistics of AIDS spead

B. Sites that effectively put forward the truth that Africa is not overpopulated - but underpopulated




There was a really good article in National Review several years ago (between 2000 and 2003 maybe) about how Uganda was sucessfull in fighting aids with an abstinance program.
The basic idea was that all other countries in Africa were failing miserably with condom programs and Uganda was the only country to instead teach abstinance. The article gave statistics and the results were like night and day. It was so good I ripped it out to save.
I am on the road now so I do not have access to it to give you the exact date.


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