Cardinal hopes synod will find new ways to share teaching on family

WASHINGTON (CNS) – Initial reviews of responses from around the world on questionnaires about church teaching on the family in advance of this fall’s extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family show that the teaching is misunderstood, said a cardinal who will run one the synod’s sessions.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila, Philippines, told Catholic News Service he found the responses “shocking, if I am allowed to use that word.”

I like this quote:

“So this is my hope, not for change – how can you change the biblical teachings? But maybe a real pastoral and evangelical concern for the church: How do we present the good news of the family to this generation, with its limitations, with its greatness, with its unique experiences?”

That was my favorite part of the article. Great quote.

Yes, I agree - this is great. I think the bottom line at the synod will be how many go which way. My gut feeling is there are more in this camp. :slight_smile:

We could be overstressing big time. Or, maybe not, we’ll see. Don’t let it ruin your summer. :stuck_out_tongue: We’re probably all right.

I think that quote is the most level headed logical non-agenda driven quote I have seen on the upcoming conference. And I hope it is true.

I agree. My only concern is that it is maybe 40 years too late.

This is hopeful.

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