Cardinal: Idol worship?

What do we think of this?

You should reject such schismatic websites. They are, at best, an occasion of sin.
"Tradition in Action claims to be “committed to defend the perennial Magisterium of Holy Mother Church and Catholic traditions. TIA also works for a restoration of Christian civilization, adapted to contemporary historical circumstances.”

However, TIA’s members attempt to do this by ridiculing the Roman clergy, the Pope, and many prominent Catholic leaders and religious. Their manner of presenting pictures and commentary completely aside from any context is both a misrepresentation of facts and disgraceful to the Church and Her hierarchy. While ostensibly seeking to reinstate traditions in the Church, this site ridicules the living Tradition of the Church’s Magisterium and therefore, it cannot validly claim a right to defense of Holy Mother Church. We recommend avoiding it altogether.

First Evaluated: 04/21/2006; Last Updated: 05/20/2012

Fidelity: Danger!
Resources: Poor
Useability: Normal

Strengths: None Reported.

Fidelity: Contains many misleading articles and pictures with deceptive commentary Example(s)

Fidelity: Dissident links Example(s)


Thank you. After I had posted here I began to be suspicious about the site. It had been shared on FB by a trusted (now not so trusted) poster. I will remove them from my list. Thanks again for pointing this out.

From what I see this website doesn’t understand how inter religious dialogue works. While the pictures do show the cardinal walking around in a Hindu temple. We have to understand that he is doing this as a sign of respect to the Hindus at the temple. Remember the cardinal is a guest in their home and it would be non christian like to simply barge into the temple shouting idolatry! idolatry! Since the cardinal is a guest he must also respect some of the cultural and ritualistic customs at the temple. Now lets say the Hindu man in the pictures Pramukh Swami Mahara visited the Pope in the Vatican. We wouldn’t want him to start running around saying that our beliefs and ways are hideous. It is all about respect when it comes to inter religious dialogue.

Just another typical Sedevacantist website if you want my honest opinion. They’ll probably tell you post VII all the Popes are in schism. Pay no mind to those schismatic sites. Our Loyalties lie with our Lord, His Vicar our Holy Father, and his Magisterium of Mother Church. These schismatics have their loyalties elsewhere.

That is a schismatic site, which promotes the lie that all the Popes following Pius XII are illegitimate.

It propagates false conspiracy theories, like that of a “fake Sister Lucia” (don’t ask.)

They deserve our prayers, but certainly not our respect as a serious source of information.

Their founder is called “Attila”. There’s a strange fatality in names. :smiley:

The TIA site is unspeakable. I used to visit it out of curiosity but stopped some days ago when I read a letter they published (without any kind of critical comment) that called for the body of Blessed John XXIII to be removed from its shrine, to excommunicate him posthumously, and to then throw his body in the Tiber. That’s the kind of folks these people are.



I knew they were Sedevacantists, but that’s taking it too far! :mad:

Or you know… evaluating your belief system and thus strengthening it…

But I agree this is important. Not the fidelity bit. (Why the heck do you think I’m on here?) The resources bit. Make sure the other side isn’t just hot air (also what I’m doing here)

In regards to the actual article its a load of BS. He is just quietly and respectfully observing another persons beliefs. It’s respect not a conversion.


Moreover, that site is full of trash. The language they use about men like Pope Francis, Bl. John Paul II and Mother Teresa - all while sitting comfortably behind their keyboards and acting like little girly Internet tough guys :stuck_out_tongue: - is language I wouldn’t use to a dog. (And I’m not a dog lover.) :slight_smile:

That site deserves a damnatio memoriae. Whatever truth it contains is vitiated by the spirit of schism, detraction and spiritual pride that animates it. I look forward to the day when it will only be available on the Web Archive. :wink:

I am relieved. Thank you for all your helpful replies. I am absolutely faithful to the magisterium of the church and in no way tolerate SV ideas. I am still learning and have a long way to go so I am grateful that there is a place like CAF where I can come when I have questions. Next time, I will do more careful research before jumping to conclusions. :thumbsup:

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