Cardinal Kasper: don't claim to speak for the Pope [CC]

Cardinal Walter Kasper told an audience at the Catholic University of America that Catholics should not claim that they are speaking for the Pope.Cardinal Kasper–who, ironically, …


I guess he learned this lesson the hard way, first hand experience. :wink:

:smiley: I’m still transfixed by the last word in the OP’s excerpt from the article. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who then continues to “speak for the Pope.” Did anyone else notice that in the article?

The German cardinal went on to say that the thoughts of Pope Francis should be understood in the context of his Argentine background and his acquaintance with liberation theology. The Pontiff, he said, believes that reform in the Church will arise from the people. Thus his approach “does not want to instruct the people, but to listen to their wisdom,” Cardinal Kasper said.

I’m thinking maybe he didn’t learn his lesson too well after all…Just saying…:shrug:

Maybe he meant no one but he should speak for the pope :smiley:

What happened to the German bishops? I don’t get it? Countries like Spain and Portugal are far more liberal on social issues and you don’t hear their bishops saying things like this. Most Catholics live in the part of the country controlled by the CSU a center right party. They’ve been under a center right regime for a long time now. The germans produced Benedict… was he an anomaly? They’re really unsavory in other ways to like they refuse to acknowledge that your catholic unless you pay them a tax. They also somehow feel that because they are so rich they are more prestigious and important than other countries bishops so they can play by different rules and their words mean more.

:smiley: This is the only possible explanation I can glean from it. Remember, Germans can be VERY enlightened; sometimes you’re just not following things too well down here on the ground…

He doesn’t sound as though he’s “speaking for the pope” here.
He’s speaking about the pope, yes. But not for.

I like the “wisdom of the people” thing.


I’m so confused right now. One cardinal says one thing and that the Pope agrees with them, another says something completely opposite and says no, the Pope agrees with him. And the Pope himself says nothing concrete. What in the world is going on?

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