Cardinal Law (rant warning)

Am I the only Catholic that thinks that Cardinal Bernard Francis Law should have been prosecuted for moving pedophile priests from parish to parish, causing many children’s lives to be destroyed while he sat there on the sidelines and did absolutely NOTHING!!!:mad:

A prosecution is a legal matter. Whether a prosecution ought to take place is surely for the prosecutors to decide - and I’m sure they have looked (and will look if anything new comes up) as thoroughly as they can into the law and the evidence that exists in regard his behaviour when making it.

I doubt John Q Public knows enough to make that sort of judgement call.

The Massachusetts Attorney General, after a detailed investigation, decided not to file charges against Cardinal Law.

This is from a July, 2003 news article

Criminal charges will not be filed against Cardinal Bernard F. Law or any other official of the Archdiocese of Boston for shuffling abusive priests from parish to parish or allowing them to remain in church positions, a spokesman for the state attorney general, Thomas F. Reilly, said tonight.

Mr. Reilly will make public this week a ‘‘very comprehensive’’ report detailing a 16-month investigation of the church, including an investigation by a grand jury that was convened last year, the spokesman, Corey Welford, said, confirming a news report on the television station WBZ.

Cardinal Law resigned as Archbishop of Boston ten years ago. Although he retains the title of Cardinal, he is fully retired and no longer holds any ecclesiastical office.

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