Cardinal leads prayers outside Planned Parenthood

(WBIR) A group of people came together on Saturday to peacefully show what they said was their appreciation for life.

Cardinal Justin Rigali led prayers outside Planned Parenthood on North Cherry Street in Knoxville as part of the fourth annual Rosary for Life. Rigali said the event was a chance for individuals to peacefully reinforce their personal commitments.

“We have to protect life and anything that wounds, weakens, or destroys life…there’s no place for it in a civilization of love,” Cardinal Rigali said.

We pray for the Holy Spirit to open all hearts troubled to life…

‘When there is no prophecy amongst the people of God, the emptiness that is created gets filled by clericalism. All memory of the past and hope for the future are reduced only to the present: no past promise, no future hope. But when clericalism reigns supreme, Pope Francis said, the words of God are sorely missed, and true believers weep because they cannot find the Lord.’

Pope Francis said a prophet is someone who listens to the words of God, who reads the spirit of the times, and who knows how to move forward towards the future. True prophets, the Pope said, hold within themselves three different moments: past, present, and future. They keep the promise of God alive, they see the suffering of their people, and they bring us the strength to look ahead. Quote and reporter’s paraphrase of Pope Francis (from a December 2013 homily).

This Cardinal Justin Rigali moves amongst his people, leading them and bringing them strength to resist the foremost evil and Social Justice abomination of our times. :thumbsup:

What a good witness, and what a rejection of the Ivory Tower stereotype some have of high ranking Catholic clergy. Though I don’t doubt the good Cardinal has duties that require him in the office and doing administrative duties … TOO!

Cardinal Rigali, of course, is archbishop-emeritus of Philadelphia. He was in Knoxville, Tennessee to fill in for Bishop Stika, who normally attends the Rosary for Life in that city.

I think it is pretty cool for Cardinal Rigali to travel all the way to Tennessee for this event.

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