Cardinal Martino: the Synod will "reaffirm what the Church has always said about the family"

Cardinal Martino: the Synod will "reaffirm what the Church has always said about the family."

(Below are a few of Card Martino’s answeres from the interview)

In different ways and with other arguments, the attack on the family continues. How can the Church respond? There are not international conferences…

I believe that the Synod will be an opportunity to throw down the challenge - the Church’s traditional teaching on the family will be made clear. The discussion will ensure that there will even be expressions and interventions that do not correspond with the doctrine of the Church, but in the end, [the Synod] will not be able but to reaffirm what the Church has always said about the family.

*There are those who argue openly that the doctrine is one thing but the pastoral is another.
The pastoral must take into account all the specific situations that are found in different countries and in diverse environments, but the Church will not be able to change what it has always proclaimed.

You also know Pope Francis well.

I’ve known him since he was archbishop in Argentina, I met him in Buenos Aires during my travels, and then also in Rome after his election as Pope.

Do you find any similarities with John Paul II?

Every [papacy], in itself, has its own characteristics. But beyond outward appearances, I believe that Francis is a lot like John Paul II, in faithfulness to the Church’s teaching. For Francis, the family is fundamental too. Moreover, a Pope cannot do new things, never before heard of. It is only the style that changes, but the doctrine is what it is and the pope must proclaim it.

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