Cardinal Marx to stand down as chairman of German Bishops Conference |

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Fascinating! The bow wave of Pope Emeritus Benedict and Cardinal Sarah book / boat meeting the Amazon?

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Can somebody refresh me on whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for the Church? I can’t remember which side Cardinal Marx is on.

Saying it is a good thing or bad thing is too harsh for me to do, but in general, orthodox or traditionalist Catholics don’t agree with most things he has to say, while more progressive Catholics seem to like Cardinal Marx.

Make of that what you want :slight_smile:

In general, I just remember this guy is the German Cardinal I like and agree with

Muller is the man.


Cardinal Marx has been an energetic proponent of the German Synodal Way. The objection to this is that it risks that the tail wags the dog, or that different synods follow different ways. Either way the result could be contrary to the concept of a universal church.

Well, it really depends on where you place situational ethics vis-à-vis the Word of God, as Father Logenecker illustrates in this post:

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So with this guy gone, does the door shut again?

Is it possible that somebody in Rome quietly put the hammer down? 72 is quite young if the Pope likes what you are doing…

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Off of the top of my head some of the more controversial positions that Cardinal Marx has taken:

  • He’s is a big proponent of giving communion to Protestants, especially Protestant spouses of Catholics. Also very vocal about wanting giving communion to Catholics in invalid marriages (divorced and remarried)

  • Has been wishy-washy on homosexuality, he generally defends marriage itself as being between one man and one woman, but has given mixed messages on blessings of gay marriages (has spoken in favor of blessing gay marriages in the past but in a very recent statement during the German synod was a little more skeptical)

  • Supports ordaining married men as priests, was a big player at the recent Amazon synod and spoke in favor of ordaining married men not just there but in Germany as well.

In the end I don’t see this changing his influence much. He’s very close to the Pope (he is on his council of Cardinals) and is always a major presence at the big events in Rome.


Indeed he is only 66. 72 is what he would be at the end of another six year term.

Maybe the Pope has a particular role for him in mind?

He is only 66 and is a major proponent of the synodal path.

With the appointment of a seemingly orthodox bishop of Augsburg, I wonder if the Holy Father is intentionally trying to remake the German Church into one that is theologically sound.


Maybe, just maybe, Cardinal Woelki, Archbishop of Cologne (generally seen as very orthodox), or the new bishop of Augsburg (also seemingly orthodox), will take over.

If so, then I am happy.

Despite the fact that Cardinal Marx seems to push Church doctrine, I wish His Eminence, Reinhard Cardinal Marx all of the best, and may God Bless him.

Let’s hope that the new chairman will be in line with the Holy Father’s wishes.

Not a snowball’s chance in hell, though I agree he’d be a good choice

If the liberal German bishops thought Woelki would succeed, they would have prevailed upon Marx to stay.

The liberals have a 2/3 majority at the conference and will elect one of their own.

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We can hope and pray.

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Seems unlikely. He is just stepping down as head of the Conference. The head of the US Conference changes regularly, it seems like he thinks there should be more rotation in the leadership in Germany, also. There is also a chance he is freeing himself up to look for another role.

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