Cardinal Müller criticises the way Pope Francis dismissed him

Cardinal Müller criticises the way Pope Francis dismissed him

’The Church’s social teaching must also be applied to the way employees are treated here in the Vatican,’ the cardinal said

In an interview with German newspaper Passauer Neue Presse, the cardinal said that on the last working day of his five-year term as a prefect of the Congregation for the faith, Pope Francis informed him “within a minute” of the decision not to extend his mandate.

“He did not give a reason,” the 69-year-old cardinal said. “Just as he gave no reason for dismissing three highly competent members of the CDF a few months earlier.”

Cardinal Müller added: “I cannot accept this way of doing things. As a bishop, one cannot treat people in this way.”

“I have said this before – the Church’s social teaching must also be applied to the way employees are treated here in the Vatican.”

The cardinal added that he spoke to the late Cardinal Joachim Meisner about his dismissal in a telephone conversation just hours before his death.

“It moved and hurt him personally. He thought it would harm the Church,” Cardinal Müller said.

In their conversation, Cardinal Meisner also expressed concern over the current situation in the Church, especially “about the quarrelling, disputes and discussions which were standing in the way of church unity and the truth”.

He seems to be nothing more than a squeeky wheel. But the antiCath press will publish his every utterance.

This is the Catholic press, not anti-Catholic press…
What’s your basis for dismissing this renowned theologian who was handpicked by HH Benedict?
The Pope can do whatever he wants, of course, but it is very unusual to retire a cardinal so young… meanwhile some of the cardinals the Pope has given a nod to have said and done things that leave me very uncomfortable.

That’s ridiculous.

Muller has no business airing this stuff.

Not appropriate at all

I really don’t think he did. From what I’ve read elsewhere this a leaked private conversation. Cardinal Mueller is a Benedict era appointment. He’s definitely on the conservative side of the fence and his position on the divorced / remarried issue is no secret… yet he never once spoke against the Holy Father and in fact rebuked his fellow conservative brother Cardinals for going public with the Dubia. I’m seeing uncharitable assumptions about the Cardinal here. He’s being retired early and suddenly… this is not an easy cross for a prelate.

The fact that he gives a public statement like this tells me everything I need to know about why Pope Francis booted him. If he were really in favor of church unity, etc. he would not be sounding off in public like a disgruntled former employee. He would be supporting his boss, the Pope.

bolded part. He should not comment on the Lord’s leader of his church like he is. All because something has catholic in its name, doesn’t make it catholic…they could have chosen not to air his rant. But that is just an opinion, and from a yank at that! :slight_smile:

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