Cardinal Napier added to drafting committee [Update to English translation of mid-term report]

Pope Francis has added Cardinal Wilfrid Napier to the drafting committee which will produce the final report on the Extraordinary Synod on Pastoral Challenges to the Family.

The appointment is significant because the South African cardinal was critical of the mid-term report produced by the drafting committee earlier this week.

The Pope has also added Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne to the committee.

The Vatican today released an updated version of the English translation of the mid-term report. The translation has been re-worded so that it now refers to “providing for homosexuals” rather than “welcoming homosexuals.”

In a press conference Cardinal Schönborn told reporters that the final report will include “many expressions of caution” compared with the mid-term report.

He also added that the Church wants to accompany co-habiting couples on the path to marriage and that “accompanying” people did not mean relativism.

The synod’s final report will be discussed in the synod hall on Saturday afternoon and voted on.

A spokesman for the Vatican said it was unlikely the final report will be published on Saturday.

I understand the need to help cohabiting couples get to marriage. gay couples should not be misled into staying together under false hope that their situation can be regularized. the only regular way is friendship and brotherhood between two men or two sisters. if church can help gay couples to move towards regular relationships of friendship and brother hood with same sex people, that is good. remarried couples can be regularized by stoping sex or getting annullmnent. I understand need to make annulment process more personal like in spiritual direction and less formal like in tribunals. maybe special priests can be assigned for these in each diocese and their recommendation to Bishop for declaration of inalidity can be accepted instead of tribunal except for difficult cases. all this is pastoral and understandable. we all want our fellow catholics who want to love God to be helped with their crosses. but let them stop suggesting things like gay affairs are good things instead of saying gay people are good things who need to be supported in special ways. if they stayed away from playing toss up with doctrine and just focused on pastoring the laity we would all be happy and supportive but now they are giving us small strokes.:shrug:

This is great news!

It looks like they will vote on it Saturday but the final document will probably not be released to the public on Saturday.

This version retains the ‘valuing’:

Are our communities capable of this, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony?

The answer, incidentally, is no. A circle has four corners, a square has none.

*Valutare *in this context means ‘value’ or ‘appreciate’, not ‘evaluate’ or ‘weigh up’. What is of interest is that this highly contentious phrase was not modified or at least slanted in a more Catholic direction in the retranslation.

Note the official version is in Italian, and that was not updated.

Doesn’t matter much since it was a working document anyway and a final document will be coming out in a few days.

Does anyone else find all of the VERY unsetteling? Id say this synod is going to clearly draw the line between the modernist heretics and the orthodox church! Its no wonder they wanted this to be annonymous!

This has been one of the most open synods of my lifetime, so I don’t know what your talking about.

Absolutely, yes

My parish school recently redid the bylaws for the school board. Almost every word was questioned and discussed. These things happen. I wouldn’t get too worked up one way or another until the final drat is released…

Why would the final document not be subject to the same possibility of translation errors? Seems like we don’t have any real history of Italian-other vernacular history to draw upon. Caveat emptor.

Its the most open synod of youre lifetime? thats funny everyone else I talked to say the exact opposite!

You do realize this is driving a dividing line right down through the church! You have cardinals publishing books counter to church teaching and other cardinals publishing counter books to refute the other! Very troubeling

Thanks for your post PV:) God bless.

We must all have faith in the Holy Spirit. It has guided the Church for the last 2,000 years and I don’t see it stopping now.

Good question, I look forward to the answer.

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