Cardinal Nichols urges British government to welcome refugees [CWN]


Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster renewed his call to the British government to welcome refugees, especially from Iraq.



is Cardinal Nichols comfortable with what he has seen happening in other countries like Germany and Sweden. has he spoken with any rape victims or victims of violence at the hands of some of these refugees?
personally I wish the bishops and cardinals would concentrate more on the business within the Church and not meddle in politics. it seems to be the trendy thing to do these days - climate change and refugees.
this is just my opinion.


You’re not wrong. Being liberal is fashionable, people like to virtue signal to each other, it’s like a competition on who can be the most liberal.

I remember we took some refugees from Calais, which were claimed to be teenagers. There was no documentation to prove their age but to anyone with common sense, I work in a supermarket and not allowed to sell alcohol to anyone under 25, I would have served these guys alcohol for sure, they looked about 30 or 40.

I’m not sure what game is being played here, but the fact is these refugees are causing more harm than good across Europe. It is one thing to be charitable, Merkel had a noble cause, at least I naively hope it was for the right reasons, but the idea to open borders to such a huge number of refugees was a bad idea. Each time I see photos of the refugees, they are all grown men, it’s very rare you see women or children and this boggles my mind and it’s rarely talked about.


You can wish for whatever you want, but the Church is not a democracy where we elect our priests, bishops, and cardinals, or tell them how they ought to be fulfilling their vocation.



Right on.


Except of course on the issue of bakeries and florists providing for invalid weddings.


There’s a lot of selfish forces at work and it is annoying that our leaders and institutions from churches to the media to academia want to ignore the facts.

Also we have a housing crisis in the UK. There are over 60 million people there.

The solution for the refugees is to create safe-zones in Syria and Iraq so they don’t have to leave.


I didn’t say it was.


The Church has been ‘meddling in politics’ since day one. To imagine there is some artificial divide such as this has always struck me as odd indeed. Cardinal Nichols is more than well aware of all the issues you cite, he worked as a pastor in one of the rougher cities in England for a long time, a city which has one of the largest numbers of British Muslims in the UK. He is held in good regard by religious leaders throughout the UK in general.

By the way if you want to see photos of women and children among the refugees you can see them all too easily. This idea that ‘they are not there’ keeps been pushed about. The last photos I looked at were from the Irish Navy’s facebook page where they maintain pictures from the ongoing mission in the Med with the Irish ship on station there. You can see plenty of women and kids in the groups rescued every day or two. Similar pages are maintained by the British and Italian Navy also.


I have seen two documentaries on PBS and although a majority are men, there are also many women and children.


The idea that Cardinal Nichols is interested in been liberal to be fashionable is rather odd. Not something I have ever seen the man cited as before, he is generally seen as quite conservative on the whole.


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