Cardinal O’Malley: ‘The Church Will Not Change Her Teaching on Marriage’

Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston has had a cardinal’s-eye view — shared by only a very select few — of the key events of the first year of Pope Francis’ papacy.

Cardinal O’Malley has devoted much of his vocation to ministering to Hispanic immigrants and working with the Church in Latin America, and he participated in the March 2013 conclave that elected Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. Appointed subsequently to the eight-member council of cardinals formed to advise the Holy Father, the Boston archbishop has now taken on a more visible role in the global Church, working closely with Pope Francis on Church reforms and announcing the formation of a new Vatican commission to address pastoral issues related to clergy sexual abuse and the protection of children.

On March 18, Cardinal O’Malley headlined “The Francis Factor,” an event sponsored by Archbishop William Lori and the Archdiocese of Baltimore that allowed the cardinal to share the rich and compelling insights about Pope Francis he has garnered during the past year.

Yes, we are truly blessed to have Cardinal Sean here in Boston.
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They won’t because they can’t

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