Cardinal OBrien

This has caused a bit of a storm over here about his comments on the ‘‘nazi style’’ plans for the human fertilisation bill that is going through the Uk parliament at the moment. Am proud to call him my archbishop because he at least stands up for moral values, even though he knows he will be slated for it. truth is truth even if no one believes it.

God Bless your archbisop…

Yes he is being slated for it and deservedly so.
Comments like his only yet again alienate catholocism from the rest of the world.
Perhaps if Obrien was alive to see real nazis his viewpoint may be changed.
Come to think of it, the catholic church during hitlers reign didnt exactly stand against the tide of fascism. Perhaps catholics today need to hang their collective heads in shame for the lack of action by the pope in ww2.

he used strong language to shock, because thats the only way people will listen. He was criticised as people could end up losing their jobs after his comments…how cares about the economy when the value of human life is at stake?

‘‘Get behind me satan, you are thinking in men’s ways, and not God’s…’’

As as regards to Catholicism during the holocaust. We were not the ones to carry it out…would you still slate Germany for their role in it? No, they have moved on. Also, Britains history is not exactly the best either, invading places, killing the folk there who only have sticks and rocks to defend themselves. Our politicians seem to have a memory lapse as regards to that eh…

Please don’t get this started again. That whole defamation got its start with The Deputy in the '70’s. It is false and there are plenty of scholarly books, including Jewish scholar authors, to document what really happened. Don’t want to hijack the thread, but can’t let this pass. Back to your regularly scheduled thread…

Do you know who the pope was during wwii? If you did and you read anything about it you would know that the anti-pope stories lack a lot of credability.

The Israeli consul, Pinchas E. Lapide, in his book, Three Popes and the Jews critically examines Pope Pius XII. According to his research, the Catholic Church under Pius XII was instrumental in saving 860,000 Jews from Nazi death camps (look it up and I will help you p. 214). Could Pius have saved more lives by speaking out more forcefully? According to Lapide, the concentration camp prisoners did not want Pius to speak out openly. As one jurist from the Nuremberg Trials said on WNBC in New York (Feb. 28, 1964), “Any words of Pius XII, directed against a madman like Hitler, would have brought on an even worse catastrophe… [and] accelerated the massacre of Jews and priests.” Yet Pius was not totally silent either. Lapide notes a book by the Jewish historian, Jenoe Levai, entitled, The Church Did Not Keep Silent . He admits that everyone, including himself, could have done more. If we condemn Pius, then justice would demand condemning everyone else. He concludes by quoting from the Talmud that “whosoever preserves one life, it is accounted to him by Scripture as if he had preserved a whole world.” With this he claims that Pius XII deserves a memorial forest of 860,000 trees in the Judean hills. It should be noted that six million Jews and three million Catholics were killed in the Holocaust.

We must remember that the Holocaust was also anti-Christian. After Hitler revealed his true intentions, the Catholic Church opposed him. Even the famous Albert Einstein testified to that.

It should be noted that six million Jews and three million Catholics were killed in the Holocaust

PUUUUH-LEEEEEZE.You reveal your own bias and woeful ignorance.Read Rabbi David Dallin’s book: THE MYTH OF HITLER’s POPE-HOW PIUS XII RESCUED JEWS FOM THE NAZIS.
Your characterization of the Church as being alienated from the rest of the world reminds me of Poncious Pilate’s words to Christ,“What is Truth”?When the Truth was standing right in front of him.Just as Christ was reviled the Church and its representatives have been,are,and will be reviled for speaking the Truth.We are in GOOD company.

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