Cardinal O'Malley releases statement on Irish Prime Minister's invitation to Boston College

Cardinal O’Malley declined to attend the Boston College Commencement ceremonies due to the presence of Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Mr. Kenny has been advocating pro-abortion legislation in Ireland and is being honored by B.C. at the ceremonies. :frowning:

Oh, I read that wrong the first time…

Good for Cardinal O’Malley.

Oh and for good measure I’d like to add this article:

I think he’s one of my favorite American bishops.

Good. I’m glad Cardinal O’Malley has made this decision.

Good on him. Although why a catholic college has An Taoiseach End-a-life Kenny as its commencement speaker in the first place is beyond me

I suspect a lot of it has to do with keeping up appearances on “tolerance and diversity”.

Or maybe a classic elitist connection. :shrug:

Respect for Cardinal O’Malley.


The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.

Which reminds me I have to give them a call about the latest on the supposed investigation into the Girl Scouts of America (as I did not get an email response to my email inquiry yet).

On some other threads I have been a little hard on Cardinal O’Malley regarding the Kennedy funeral but I am very pleased to see he has taken a principled, moral stand.

Kudos to the good Franciscan Cardinal!

It’s not a Catholic college anymore. Many institutions refer to their Catholic “tradition” but that refers to what they were in the past. If they admitted that they are now non-sectarian, some parents would no longer pay the extra tuition, and some alumni would stop giving. I am sure there are many good Catholic individuals at this College, studying or teaching; but the college itself isn’t Catholic currently.

I’m a graduate of B.C., but have been most upset by the fact that, while they do a great job on emphasizing service to others, there has not been enough emphasis on the pro-life part of Catholic social teaching.

There has been, in my opinion a decided drift away from the school’s Catholic immigrant roots in an effort to become a national or global university. It is actually far more difficult now for Catholic kids from New England to get into B.C., in its quest for a diverse group of super-smart students. I find it sad, and have often heard that Boston College has, in some ways, “lost its heart.”

I applaud Cardinal O’Malley and hope that Fr. Leahy - whether the invitation to the Taoiseach was extended before the abortion-related incident or not - does the right thing, though I don’t hold out much hope. Sad.

I think there are not very many true Catholic Universities or Colleges left in the USA:(

Now, now. Let’s have hope. It took 40 years to get where we are today.

Deceptions occurred:


Some of the intereviews with students on the news showed that they really don’t understand the issue which is kind of sad. They said things like there is controversy within the church about abortion :rolleyes:. Another stated that the Cardinal is the one that made a choice not to show up when it was B.C. that made the choice to exclude him through their actions.

How can people not know that the Catholic Church is against abortion in all cases :confused:

We are seeing the result of decades of poor religious education, compounded by Catholic newspapers and some of the preaching, that omitted doctrinal content, and promoted relativism. Many people believe nothing is absolutely true or false, right or wrong.
Actually if Harvard had invited the Cardinal to speak, I think it would have been good to do so, to use that platform to proclaim prolife, even if there was a prochoice speaker there. Harvard is obviously a non-Catholic institution, so the Cardinal would not be enabling those who want ambiguity and confusion in Catholic education. BC is also a non-Catholic institution but people still perceive it as Catholic; by appearing there, the Cardinal would have played into the hands of those who promote relativism. His decision to decline this invitation will make a stronger message than any speech he would have given. If only the alumni would pay attention!

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