Cardinal O'Malley says Pope must take action on Bishop Finn [CC]

Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley has told the CBS television program “60 Minutes” that the status of Kansas City’s Bishop Robert Finn-- who has been convicted of endangering children …


60 Minutes is an anti-Catholic, sleazy muckraking program. :slapfight:
Any bishop who willingly appears on it :highprayer: automatically loses my respect.

Why would we want to cede the stage to sleazy, muckraking anti-Catholics?

Greetings…I agree 60 minutes is a journalistic joke! But Bishop Finn should have taken action to rectify the problems in his Archdiocese. Looks like more bad PR for the Church again!

It seems inappropriate to me for anyone, even a Cardinal, to state that the Pope MUST do anything! He will do whatever he feels is appropriate in any given situation.

Watch out…this is supposed to be an “excerpt” and it’s their words before we run to conclusions.
Who knows what O’ Malley really said…:shrug:

Why indeed? --Because “we” --or in this case, Cardinal O’Malley–aren’t prudent enough to discern where it would be appropriate to speak; what would be an appropriate statement to make; or whether it would be best not to speak at all on this particular stage.

When St. Peter denied knowing Jesus three times the context was basically like an interview.
So if being interviewed went badly for St. Peter why should anyone expect it to go well for any other bishop?

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