Cardinal on Pope’s advisory board: I ‘fully support’ jailed Canadian pro-lifer

The Cardinal spoke with LifeSiteNews’ editor-in-chief, John-Henry Westen, on Friday at the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton, Ontario. The Cardinal was at the prison to visit Mary Wagner, who has been arrested repeatedly for peacefully entering abortion facilities to speak with abortion-bound women.

While at the prison, Cardinal Gracias offered Mass for about a dozen inmates, including Wagner and pro-life prisoner of conscience Linda Gibbons. He was joined by Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha, archbishop emeritus of the Archdiocese of Lahore, Pakistan.

“[Pope] Francis is so clear about the necessity of us giving witness to the Gospel in spite of difficulties,” said the Cardinal. “I am deeply convinced that one should do what one sees is right. Follow the gospel in good times and in bad, whatever the difficulties. So in that sense, I certainly fully support what Mary Wagner’s doing.”

“Speaking to Mary, it’s clearer to me now that she has a mission,” he said, also describing her work as “an apostolate.” “She is certainly the voice of the unborn child. She is an advocate for their rights.”

Wagner has been in prison since she was arrested on August 15, 2012 outside Toronto’s “Women’s Care Clinic” on Lawrence Ave. West. Like Gibbons, who has been at Vanier since June, Wagner remains in jail because she refuses in conscience to agree to a bail condition that would bar her from approaching abortion facilities.

Cardinal Gracias said that after meeting Wagner he is “more convinced of the utility of what she’s doing.”

“It’s not just a futile exercise which is fighting against the windmills,” he said. “Whatever people might doubt about the effectiveness, she herself has told me that several have been influenced by what she’s done and have not gone for abortion. Now that, straight away, it shows fruits, it means it’s working and it was worth it. Even if she saved one life, it was worth it.”

The Cardinal also said he was struck by Mary’s personal witness and her apostolic efforts in the prison.

“She’s such a peaceful person and so content with herself. There was no sign of any distress,” he explained. “I’m so happy to have met her. She leaves everything in the hands of the Lord, a person of deep faith and commitment and sure of what she’s doing.”

“Her very presence is ambient,” he continued. “Possibly it is also therapeutic for some people, the way she deals with them, the way she is confident.”

I am delighted to know that there are some Catholics ready to be jailed for standing up for the will of God. I have always thought that we are really a bourgeois Church more interested in property than in fighting the unjust laws supporting abortion.
We seem to live in a cognitive dissonance within our social mores on private property and the rights of privacy. If I see a man or woman attacking a baby with a knife in Woolworths I not only should,under Catholic morals, intervene I must do all in my power to protect the life of the child. However, if I know the same act is occurring on private property, I tut tut and scurry away talking about the rights of a woman over her own body and the need to respect the laws of the State. What hypocrite I am in not taking the brave stand of the woman in Canada. She did not use force; did no one any harm; but is in jail and the population of Catholics allow her to take her place in the army of Christ alone.Even the stones shall call out. I believe you are not morally wrong if you did destroy the property that is used in the murder of the children in spite of our adoration of the laws of property. We give too much to Caesar.

Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner are true Catholic heroes, and have been totally overlooked by the Church. It is time their years of heroic effort on behalf of the unborn, often alone, often scorned and despised, often arrested, and often in jail was recognized.

i know tg,it amazes me that others don’t know of them. i believe it could be that others ,like myself :o are shamed by their witness .and know how far we fall short.

I am ashamed too: they really have given up far far more than me in their pursuit of justice for the unborn.

Linda Gibbons, who has spent 10 of the past 20 years in prison for peacefully protesting outside abortion facilities, is back in prison.
The diminutive 64-year-old grandmother was arrested by three police officers June 11 while protesting outside a Morgentaler abortion facility in Toronto. Two sherifs and two security guards were also at the scene.

She was arrested while walking quietly on the sidewalk carrying a large poster that read: “Why Mom? When I have so much love to give.”

Gibbons has repeatedly ignored a 1994 temporary court order that prohibits demonstrations outside the clinic.

In an interview days before her latest arrest, Gibbons said she felt compelled to uphold God’s law when it comes to protecting the life of unborn children. “If God’s law is not upheld, we cannot just go along to get along.”

For us to do nothing is “rank disrespect” for God’s law, she said.

Gibbons chided the churches for not being vocal enough in their opposition to abortion.
“When the secular society looks at the Church they say, ‘You know what? They really don’t have a big problem with this,’ ” she said.

If I do nothing it looks like I’m comfortable with it, she said. “We should look like we’re very uncomfortable with it and it’s not business as usual.”

Asked if she had any anxiety about possibly being arrested again and sent back to prison for continuing to take a stand against abortion, Gibbons said: “God will not take you where He will not be.”

Temporary!!! lifesite news is the only NEWS org. that remembers them. but their biased :rolleyes:

There;s at least one Canadian member of Parliament who gives a rats derriere about the unborn:


Mary Wagner, Convicted Anti-Abortion Activist, Gets Diamond Jubilee Medal From Tory MP Maurice Vellacott


We should pray for this guy::thumbsup:


Tory MP calls for end to “most common” form of bullying — abortion. That’s right.


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