Cardinal on the Da Vinci Code

Cardinal: ‘The Da Vinci Code’ Proof Of ‘Anti-Catholic’ Prejudice

POSTED: 7:34 am CST March 16, 2005

[left]VATICAN CITY – If you aren’t among the millions who have already read the popular book “The Da Vinci Code,” an Italian cardinal hopes you’ll neither buy it nor read it.
[left]The book by Dan Brown alleges that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and has descendants. That has outraged many Christians and his ideas have been dismissed by historians and theologians.

[font=Arial]Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, of Genoa, who previously was a high-ranking official of the church’s office on doctrinal orthodoxy, told Vatican Radio that the runaway success of the novel is proof of “anti-Catholic” prejudice, and that it shows “the truth” that anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice.

Bertone said he wonders what the reaction would be if there were a similar book “full of lies” about Muhammad or Buddha.

Wow this Cardinal hit it right on the nail about anti-catholic is the last acceptable prejudice. I went to a women’s conference. The “Pastor” got up and told everyone “Come on stand up…Come on we are all going to be catholic for a moment”. I know she meant it as a joke and not said in angry BUT it still hurts because everyone laughed and she was acting like it was acceptable to make fun of Catholics. It was hard for me to listen to her message because I had a negative outlook on her. How was I suppose to believe her words about being a strong Christian women when I have this prejudice that she hates my religion or my faith? How can I accept that she is speaking or acting or spread Christ message when the first words she speaks are about degrading my faith? It just felt weird too since it was one of the situations were you can’t defend your faith.

I be asking a loaded question but has any one else felt this anti-Catholicism in society?

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