Cardinal Ouellet refutes central Vigano claim


Thank-you Cardinal Ouellet…

Hopefully, the catty back and forth in the media will cease soon.


Both sides of Catholic media playing into the fight.

I think it is abhorrent, however, for you to use the clamorous sexual abuse scandal in the United States to inflict an unmerited and unheard of a blow to the moral authority of your superior, the Supreme Pontiff.

This single one-liner by Cardinal Ouellet suggests that the public doesn’t know that the sex abuse extends far beyond the USA. Besides that, Archbishop Vignano’s bottom line is more about the powerful homosexual network in the clergy and Pope Francis’ part in abetting the situation.


"and Pope Francis’ alleged part in abetting the situation’… there is not proof to support your words… I would suggest using more careful language until a time where there actual evidence -one way or another.

I’m very happy at this incredibly strong letter from Ouellet as it seems to expose the Vigano’s corrupt intent to attack the Pope based on political and personal motives… how sad!

I look forward to the outcomes of the investigation the US has started and the thorough investigation that Pope has started on the Mccarrick case. It is clear that even with the decisive action the Pope has taken in removing the Mccarrick from the college of cardinal, it will be painful to see and read the missteps during the pontificates of JPII and Benedict XVI, but truth must prevail.

I make Cardinal Ouellet’s closing prayer my own … ‘May the Holy Father carry on, full of confidence and joy, the missionary reform he has begun, comforted by the prayers of the people of God and the renewed solidarity of the whole Church, together with Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary!’


This is what it comes down to. Read what I said. Archbishop Vigano stated his main concern is the powerful homosexual network in the Church and Pope Francis’ complicity with the situation.

Archbishop Viganno and his public testament are worthy.


Cardinal Ouellet responds to Archbishop Vigano's accusations against the Holy See.

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