Cardinal Parolin calls on international community to address terrorism [CWN]


Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, called upon the international community to address terrorism and its root causes. "Nations must come together in order to …



Its always a problem in any Religion when one person decides to interrupt the Bible or the Quran for themselves they need to be instructed the proper meaning of what a particular teaching means. Its not a case for an open ended discussion .


Hasn’t the world been trying to do that since 649 A.D. Seems to me the problem is with Islam itself.



Please explain to me how Imams give a message of peace to counter words like the following:

Other than to say something like: that’s the way it was.


It seems to me that if among 1.5 billion people there are as many or even only 10% by the book Imams as there are peace loving Imams, there lies the “root cause”. :shrug:



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