Cardinal Pell and the forgiveness of sins

Nope. That is not Catholic

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Three years ago I was warned here … mildly. A problem I’m forced to endure in other places, other forums.
Once upon a time CRV would not have got off so easy.

Excuse me, but are you threatening me?

Are you suggesting a nation should not charge and thus punish someone if they have allegedly commited a crime?

Because it can be forgiven in confession? Am I reading that correctly?

I asked for clarification from you. Instead, my request is ignored and I get quoted a scripture verse. :thinking:

I remember in another thread a poster posting ‘troll alert’ - which I thought wasn’t necessary and a little unkind. So instead of doing the same I thought I would ask you for clarification.

After all this is a Catholic site and as we are not to incite animosity towards clergy I wanted to establish you were not a troll wanting to bash Cardinal Pell.

For anyone who is interested or may have missed it

Court of Appeal Proceedings

Supreme Court of Appeal Victoria full judgement<- you can read it for yourselves.

Cardinal Pell is in the process of high court appeal. And because of this, the case is not yet done and dusted as they say.

We catholics are called to forgiveness. Jesus said so himself. The diabolical loves people who do not forgive. It can be as much a door open as occult practices are.


Lol! Where did you read that? Drawing that conclusion requires a lot of personal bias. :grinning:

I believe that Cardinal Pells situation will re define Catholicism in Australia for the good. There’s the extreme leftist who have galvanised against him on the basis that he deserves to pay for the sins of the Australian Church. There are the extreme righties who regard his demise as giving them a political edge.

In the middle is those of us on both the left and right who know he has never in any way shape or form been regarded as a perpetrator. He was an ordinary holy, educated Catholic Priest, oblivious to the vile sexual garbage that predators were perpetrating within the Church. Everyone should be aware of how Satan operates under cover of legitimacy and goodness.

The Australian court system failed Catholics this year and went with the philosophy that anyone as long as they are Catholic, can pay for the sins of the Church.


No … I’m suggesting that the way forward with a thread given way to subjectivity is usually seasoned with disrespect.

No, what I’m saying, though not too clearly, is that a court cannot forgive, it can only punish. Our law books, combined, would rival those of the Pharisees. They judged harshly and were condemned.

Forgive me, but I’m not understanding the subjectivity part, nor the disrespect.

Disrespect flows both ways.

As I’ve said now in two previous posts of mine - I was seeking clarification due to the trolls we get here baiting us, and the topic of a pedophile priest, especially one whose case is still under appeal being the topic, “raised the flag” of a possible occasion of us being trolled.

And when you didn’t simply reply with a sincere response … well, that almost left me believing we were being trolled.


Well, that I understand - and it makes matters clearer.

I’ll settle for almost. Now, can we get on with it?

Trishie, personally I’m prepared to go beyond that. If George Pell is a pedophile, then I’m a pedophile. It goes beyond any intellectual reasoning. It is having a supernatural conviction regarding truth. Earthly justice has to be protected as well.

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You betcha!

I believe Cardinal Pell a victim of a gross miscarriage of justice. In the very early part of this infamous business he was accused of doing what was standard practice by the Church then ( in HINDSIGHT rather sad and cringe worthy). At the time I wondered how long it would be before it transmorphed into the cardinal being engaged in criminal acts, and breaking of vows. When Cardinal Pell was sentenced I was ashamed of being Australian. Cardinal Pell was involved in cleaning up the Vatican banking…I am sure he managed to gain some enemies there and elsewhere. I pray he will eventually be exonerated.


Me too.
I’m not even saying the accuser is lying.
I did a lot of study on false memories, even contacting the best researcher of the phenomenon in London, when someone I know was falsely accused.
He was totally exonerated after horrible months of misery.
And i have a sister-in-law who unshakablely believes she used to see her grandfather sitting on the porch his blanket around him. He died before she was born

I believe in my soul that poor old man is innocent. Only a miracle would exhonerate him. He was the perfect target for all the hate,
I’ve cried and prayed for him.
I knew Lindy chamberlain was innocent.
Even more certainly him, but I think he’s the scapegoat for all the priests who sinned.

Oh and yes, I do know personally what it is endure actual abuse, and would never disregard or downplay its seriousness, and that harm it can cause, nor fail to insist it must be addressed

Our Australian Saint Mary MacKillop is a cousin removed by a few generations, through shared ancestry and more recently again through marriage of more recent ancestry. Mary’s siblings didn’t have children, she only had cousins.
I wish she can help Cardinal Pell .
Saint Mary MacKillop, you suffered many unjust false judgements.
Please pray powerfully for this son of the country you love, this priest and cardinal of the Church, and for the Church and the faithful whom you served while on earth

Love, Trishie


It was the evidence of Cardinal Pell that revealed that an old document of the Church Crimen sollicitationis had been resurrected and re-vitalised by the ultra conservative protagonist of Vatican II… Cardinal Ottaviano. It prevented the clergy from reporting any priestly crimes anywhere but stricty to the hierarchy. The myth that pedophile priests were a product of Vatican II can be soundly debunked by this act. Cdl Ottaviano did vulnerable Catholics immense damage. Pope St JPII revoked the force of the document during his pontificate, but shame on that zealot Cardinal for perverting the course of justice.


I’ve never been more certain in my life of a mans innocence and … how wonderful to have such a connection to Mary McKillop whose intercession I’ve also requested for Cdl Pell and the Australian Church. My family is happy to include connections to St Thomas More and we regularly invoke his intercession also for various intentions.

Hopefully we’ll live to see the exoneration of Cardinal Pell and the exposure of the forces that convict him. I also agree with you that the accuser is probably a victim of someone… just not the good Cardinal.

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