Cardinal Pell and the wider scandal in the Church

Thank God Cardinal Pell was cleared of the charges. They were patently false. However…

I feel like this story inadvertently covered up a much more important story. That is, the high ranking cover up of abuse by Church officials.

We have bishops still in office who have covered for abusers. We have tons of Diocesan staff who looked the other way or actively collaborated to cover up abuse.

What do we as the laity do?

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Pray and report any real cases of abuse.

Teach kids to report any sexual acts committed by anyone.

Trust the good clergy, be skeptical of the lukewarm, and avoid the bad.

I’ve always been a little baffled that it happens because one of the first things I remember my dad teaching me was to “obey your elders and superiors, and all authority, in all things, unless they tell you do something like take off your clothes or touch them in certain places. In that case tell me immediately.”

So I’m surprised and saddened that others don’t.

But then I also understand it’s a often a long process where they slowly ease someone into it.

I guess that just comes down to parents creating enough trust with their children that their children regularly talk about their interactions.

I also admit I have a much better relationship with my dad than many people did growing up.


I think parents need to keep a close watch on their children and teach them red flags. Parishioners should try to create a system where these types of enviroment can’t exist through vigilance.

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The irony is that today, this moment, the Catholic Church and schools are the safest places in society because of all the checks and balances in place. I read an article that said the most dangerous place for children today is in their own home. Predators are either a family member or family friend. With that in mind children have to be confident about body awareness and boundaries and to know not to believe the lies predators tell to keep them quiet. Children’s media is quite good with that today.

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May I ask why you included this Tim Minchin video in this question?

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I thought it pertinent to the subject and a question of a sort that still hasn’t been answered by the Church.

I think in view of Pell’s acquittal the song you posted is really unkind. Did you actually listen to the lyrics?


The cover up is still the subject of legal civil action against Pell.
We as laity now know the coverup will never happen again.

If you see something, say something.

That Tim minchin song is well known , played a bit, and expresses a very significant pov. The people need a voice. A coverup voice calling for justice here in Vic is never going to be nice.

Sorry, but are you both saying you honestly think the lyrics of one of Tim Minchin’s vicious songs will add light instead of heat to this conversation?

A mocking song that directly singles out Cardinal Pell specifically, calling him “scum”, “coward”, “pompous buffoon”, intellectually vacuous, ethically hypocritical? A song that suggests God would tell Pell there’s a “nice spot in hell” waiting for him? This is the ‘significant point of view’ that will set a conversation off to a great start?


I add: I don’t like having to leave a comment like that on a thread that should be able to focus just on victims and how laity can take action steps to improve the present and future. (Which we all presumably want: Victims and the vulnerable should be front and centre.)

But that’s the whole point of my previous comment. I think Minchin’s mockery and insults of Pell, a man who spent over a year in prison innocent of the crime for which he was accused, is an unnecessary diversion from what could otherwise be a more focused and less divisive conversation.

Unless you don’t want to talk about laity action steps more generally, but do want to talk about Pell’s record more specifically.


There may be some truth here, but we have to be careful when we use unsubstantiated wording such as “tons of …” I’ve heard the horror stories, but need credible sources before I believe such charges. Sadly, I know of several cover-ups in the protestant ranks.


Those lyrics are very mild. I live in Victoria. Here people are really angry and the joint has been ripped apart by the child sex issue. Fb post comments on anything from the latest priest/ religious charges, to when Mass is going to start back up to a first communion or advent post. The vitriol and anger is palpable as they say.
I would get much worse if I mentioned Pell or going to Mass to many neighbours and friends.

What people dont understand is the anger and destruction this has caused. It is here to stay for a very long time, several generations.

Fact is there was a huge cover up. Cardinal Pell lived with Risdale when they were both priests in Ballarat. People knew. Much worse is said about a now dead Bishop who also engaged in cover up. Cardinal Pell cleaned out a Seminary in Melbourne to get rid of the paedophile ring. He and the Bishop should have been cleaning out schools and parishes too, rather then packing the perps off to the States for time out, then beinging them back and putting them to work in parishes and schools again.
There is no getting away from that, ever.

Pedophilia has thrived because the devil cloaks it in occult secrecy. There is definitely a case to be answered regarding known pedophiles shifted to other parishes and countries but there’s also the fact that a lot wasn’t known and the pedophiles lies that ensured children’s silence made many cases hard to actually prove and believe. There is no benefit to anyone to convict someone for one crime in lieu of another alleged crime. The best outcome for abuse victims is honest justice.

Why are you promoting Tim Minchins dumb song ?


RIP this Bishop who Confirmed me .He may have done wrong ,not known how to address the awful doings but I’m certain confessed before he died.

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I talk of Cardinal Pell now as I would have anytime.Im happy to tell the truth .

People are very angry , betrayed, trust is destroyed.
We pray it never ever happens again.
We must also separate the two issues, being a perp and being in a position of power to protect a perp.

Yes he and the Sisters at his nursing home got no peace. Not buried in his Cathedral crypt.

How is it going in your part of Vic Greenfields, are you free to move around a bit more

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