Cardinal Pell purported letter from prison sparks investigation

Authorities are investigating whether a letter circulating online, apparently written by disgraced Cardinal George Pellto supporters breaks prison rules.

The letter, dated 1 August, was posted on Twitter by an account called “Cardinal George Pell Supporters” on Friday night.

A Victorian Department of Justice spokeswoman on Saturday said prisoners are not allowed to post on social media or use the internet. They are also not allowed to ask others to post on their behalf.

“[The department] will thoroughly investigate this social media activity,” the spokeswoman said. “Any prisoner found to be contravening prison regulations faces disciplinary action.”

The spokeswoman would not confirm if the letter was written by Pell.

This article is misleading.
Prisoners are allowed to write letters to people outside of prisons.
The most logical scenario is that one of his supporters took it upon themselves to take a photo of the letter and post it in his or her group.


We don’t get much news from Australia in the US…what bits I’ve seen by Australians here on CAF is that some people in Australia think he was unfairly treated…the media in Australia is biased against Christianity…so are quite a few Australians…possibly against Catholics…Australia is a secular country as well…only 7-8 per cent of Australians are regular church goers so the church is not doing well

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They say that the appeal decision is likely due later this month prior to this news. I just hope there isn’t any complication prior to the decision.

Its fairly simple to get world news nowdays, I have a few internet news sites I read daily. Al Jazeera and the Guardian are pretty good. :slightly_smiling_face:
Oneof the more positive aspects of social media on fb too.
I would say any imprisoned person needs to be very cautious of writing letters, this can so easily happen by well intentioned supporters.

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