Cardinal Pell Says the English Translation Could Be Published This Year

**Cardinal Pell Says the English Translation Could Be Published This Year **

…he was “optimistic” it will be available in parishes for Advent 2011, and added that he believed the Vatican review process “will certainly be completed within the year” but could not give a precise date.

However, the date of publication and when it will be available for use in parishes remains unclear; it may not be ready for use until Advent 2012, at the latest. A senior Vatican official told the Register Feb. 1 that although no decision has yet been made, he believed publication in Advent 2011 as “probably [the] most likely date, to coincide with the beginning of the liturgical year.”

Most English-speaking bishops’ conferences are preparing materials to introduce and explain the new translation with the hope that people will begin using it in parishes for Advent 2011…

What if we just said, “Why don’t you just get over it?”
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Sorry if this should be in the news section.

The new translation of the Missal can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned…it’s forty years overdue!

Some of the opposition is rather interesting - Fr Ryan of Seattle, who is quoted in the article, had a piece in The Tablet recently where he described the new translations as a “systematic dismantling of the decrees of Vatican II”! I responded with a letter in which I made the point that if Fr Ryan and his followers are so concerned about being faithful to Vatican II then the new translations ought not affect them as they are surely celebrating the Holy Mass in Latin and ad orientem as the Council intended:D Anyway, it’s a bit late launching their objections at this stage when most, if not all, Bishops’ Conferences have already approved the translations!

We have to remember that Advent 2011 is December 2011, not December 2010. This is the date that our bishop, who was on the translation team, has been quoting for the last several months.

It will likely be approved sometime this summer, but each conference will be responsible for printing its own Missals and, as we saw with our new Lectionaries, it takes about a year from approval to publication. That takes us into summer 2011 and implementation at the start of the 2011-2012 liturgical year seems to be the goal.

I agree that the translation will not become official, at least in the USA, until Advent 2011. And there is still the huge question looming about music for the Order of Mass. Most of the current compositions will not work, due to the changes in wording. And music publishers, missalette publishers and other liturgical resource interests will likely howl that they need more time to create these, even though they have already had several years.

This is excellent news. I hope we can use it by Advent of 2011. This is something that will benefit the whole English-speaking Roman Rite world!

As I said in another thread, this is probably the best reason for parishes to introduce some Latin into their repertoire. Whatever happens, the Latin remains the same - it would be good for parishes to have a few chant settings of the Mass, if only to cover that transitional period while existing English settings are adapted or new ones composed. In my view it is a blessing that it will be impossible to adapt certain existing English Mass settings to the new texts.

I’ve started teaching the parts of the Ordinary to the congregation here using the Missa Jubilate Deo. We already have them singing the Kyrie, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei in Latin. We’ll start on the Gloria when Ordinary time comes around again. Minor grumblings-nothing too serious so far.

I completely agree. However, realistically speaking, many liberal pastors will never go for that, and together with their music ministry minions, will howl for an extension.

The new translation certainly is long overdue, I’ve been looking forward to it for a few years now, I really like the new order of Mass and can’t wait for the propers. At the same time however we can’t rush into this blindly, that is to say we need proper catechesis on the new translation or we will have a repeat of the late 60’s early 70’s when the vernacular was foisted on people with little explanation and many fell away. Saying that I really hope we can use it by Advent of 2011

It really riles me when this line gets trotted out

Sacrosanctum Concilium #22.3 from the 2nd Vatican council says “Therefore no other person, even if he be a priest, may add, remove, or change anything in the liturgy on his own authority.”

Yet the English translation currently in use, deletes all the Offertory antiphons, a chunk of the Gloria, dilutes the theology of the Creed, and dilutes or deletes, Estachological, Christological, Scriptural and Patristic reference after reference after reference.

There are already settings composed, I’ve got them at work. They were offered free of charge on the internet but were ordered removed to give ‘everyone’ (read money-making publishers) an even chance. They are still available but you have to join a music group and request that they be emailed to you.

I can’t judge the quality as I’m no musician, I just felt it was important to have them in my parish so that if the choir complained that they had to keep singing the old stuff because they have none of the new I could just whip out my copies and hand them over. Because you know they aren’t going to be encouraged to stop singing the stuff from the late 60s and the choir director is sure to say, again, “I’m sure God doesn’t care what we sing.”

Phemie, I love you, but, don’t be a wet noodle. Advent 2011 means the coming liturgical year. Lord knows that we have waited long enough. It would be great to have these new translations up and running. Besides, we have already had access to the propers of the Mass for nearly two years.

By the way, I begrudinglly, but, lovingly, congratulate you and your country on your gold medal win. :smiley:

We have already had access to these translations for almost two years. In fact the USCCB put them up on their website. They were released early enough to give the people and composers a chance to look at them. I am still hoping that December 2010 will be the launch date.

Remember that the current english mass is approved by the Vatican for use though. Yes, it’s not as faithful a translation and yes it does need an update, but that doesn’t make it any less valid or licit to use (for now at least, my guess is that it’ll be suppressed once the new one comes out).

Having access and making use of that access are two totally different things, and if memory servers they were leaked at the time not launched. There has been next to no information or promotion of the new translation on this side of the Atlantic. I have spoken to some priests about it, and it was only in the few weeks that they were getting up to speed on it.

Proper education of the laity is going to take time. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of these “what if we said wait types” I’m to young for a start:D. But I’m concerned that without proper catechesis the joy that is the new translation will be over shadowed by fear of the unknown.

Look at the nonsense that happened in South Africa when the new texts were “mistakenly” used in some parishes without telling the laity beforehand, the folks in the pews were mighty unhappy.

There is also the issue of raisng the money to replace the pew missals that amost parishes use overhere but that in many ways is a lesser issue.

We need the new texts as soon as possible but I think ASAP is December 2011.

I, on the other hand, think that December 2011 is not good This is what the Church has needed for a very long time. Why delay the inevitable? I just think that people are looking for every conceivable excuse to delay what is sorely needed.

As much as I’d like to believe we’ll be using the new translation 9 months from now, I think you are being waaayyyyy too optimistic. It took longer than that to get our Lectionary once it was approved and the new translation hasn’t even been approved yet.

I graciously accept your congratulations on behalf of Sydney Crosby and the Canadian hockey team. Unfortunately, due to a previous commitment I was unable to view the game so I still haven’t seen Crosby’s goal.

So once the new translation comes out. What will be next to fix?. Priests are still going to implement altar girls, EMHCs, and the priest will still face the people. So what will be next!?. I wonder if the Rite of Exorcism is being re-translated?.

This may sound way out, but what’s to stop us from using it ourselves tomorrow, especially if we do so quietly? Prayers are prayers.

:smiley: It’s all done to deceive the devil. :smiley:

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