Cardinal Peter Turkson

Am I missing something? It seems like the Cardinal is saying that condom use is acceptable in certain cases.

Yes, you’re missing quite a lot.

So, I would basically wish that the amount of resources which are available to put into the production of condoms, if they were spent to subsidize the antiretroviral drugs, now I think we would be happier, in Africa, for the availability of the retroviral drugs then.

if I were ever asked, then I would probably say: then let us use those resources to support the production of retroviral drugs so they can be more available to people.

But didn’t he indicate that spouses could morally use condoms if one of them was infected with AIDS?

I’ve seen articles with headlines and/or summaries that make that claim, but I just don’t see that message in the verbatim quote taken directly from Cardinal Turkson.

Great googly moogly. What a bad idea that’d be. Condoms supposedly have a failure rate of 20% (their own defects OR people use them wrong). If one person has an infectious disease and is depending on “safe sex” condoms to make it ok … odds are that by the fifth time you’ve used one you’ve put your partner at risk almost 100%! Yoy.

I haven’t seen it … but I’d be shocked if a Cardinal said anything close to what you are asking.

Artificial contraception is out. And in a case like the above even normally licit means
like Natural Family Planning ought to be dropped in favor of abstinence (so as not to infect one’s partner for heaven’s sake!).

The Daily Mail has been very respectful of their coverage of this story but even then, maybe they did not get this right but they are reporting this “condoms” deal.

9/4 Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, 64

Country: Ghana Cardinal in the Ghanaian Catholic Church

Elevated to cardlinalate by Pope John Paul II

Significant views: Would like to see a black pope. Believes condoms should be used in marriage if one partner is infected with Aids.
Marc Ouellet

5/2 Cardinal Marc Ouellet, 68

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But this is what they are reporting. Perhaps if you are really curious, you could search for another source.

On EWTN they suggested Cardinal Turkson may have made at least for clergy, types of radical statements, almost about world government and sort of liberation theology types of things and that he is probably being overplayed.

Cardinal Arinze certainly has the face of wisdom.

But we will see, this starts off a long process.

The cardinal, who now serves as president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, said “one clear lesson” from the experiences of local churches in Latin America and their applications of liberation theology is that “addressing the justice and peace needs of oppressed and badly wounded peoples is a very tricky business.”

It is a “tightrope to walk in a field of political and ideological landmines,” the cardinal said, noting that churches in both Latin America and Africa “know of priests who have forsaken the pastoral ministry to pursue political options … believing more in political solutions than in pastoral solutions to the miseries of their communities.”

The synod “successfully walked the tightrope, considering their mission as servants of reconciliation, justice and peace, in the manner of shepherds and elders of a family,” he said.

There does not appear to be anything wrong with this, it sounds okay but you can see even this might open the door to speculate on other things that perhaps have been spoken about, maybe nothing at all. There are a number of blogs out there, I didn’t really feel like thoroughly going through.

Peter Turkson, 64. From Ghana, Turkson heads the Vatican’s justice and peace department. He is often named as the frontrunner from Africa. Turkson studied at St. Anthony-on-Hudson Seminary in Rensselaer, New York, where he earned his Bachelor’s in theology. He is the first Ghanaian cardinal. Though he has said condoms are not a solution to the AIDS crisis, he has also said that if one person in a faithful, married couple is infected, condoms could be useful.-

Wow. I think I will. Thanks for posting that story. I just have to post that sensational picture of lighting and the summit of St. Peter’s. Incoming or outgoing I wonder?

This actually happened tonight?!

Found a little something on this site: It appears Cardinal Turkson affirms the Church’s teaching on artificial contraceptives … but seems to have made an off the cuff comment on a possibility. He did not seem to be teaching in his office or making a ruling. BUT I will continue to look into this. It’d be an option fraught with peril it seems to me. :eek:

In 2009, Turkson reaffirmed the Catholic social teaching on contraception, in regards to statements made by Pope Benedict XVI that condoms were not a solution to Africa’s AIDS crisis. He didn’t rule out condoms in all circumstances suggesting they could be useful in the situation of a married, faithful couple where one partner is infected.

“Didn’t rule out …” is hardly “affirmed” or “opined”. It might be an article writer looking for a loophole.

I think of that line from Dumb and Dumber where the guy asks the girl “What are my chances with you?” She says something like " about one in a trillion…"

and he says … “So you’re saying I have a shot!” :rolleyes:

Maybe it’s something like that … and the media is feeding on the sensational speculation? :shrug:

This Wikipedia bio on Cardinal Turkson has a more complete statement on the issue in question re: condoms.

HIV/AIDS and condoms

In 2009, he reaffirmed the Catholic social teaching on contraception, in regard to statements made by Pope Benedict XVI that condoms were not a solution to Africa’s AIDS crisis and were taken out of context by the media.[16]

Turkson did not rule out condoms in all circumstances suggesting they could be useful in the situation of a married, faithful couple where one partner is infected; although he warns that, as the quality of condoms in Africa is poor, their use could engender false confidence. He said abstinence, fidelity, and refraining from sex if infected were the key to fighting the epidemic. He also believes that the money being spent on condoms would be better spent providing anti-retroviral drugs to those already infected.

Bolding and color emphases mine. For clarity. :slight_smile:

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