Cardinal Re: Church will not change teaching on divorced/remarried Catholics [CC]

An influential Italian cardinal has said that he sees no likelihood of a change in the Church’s teaching that Catholics who are divorced and remarried should not receive the …


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I would find it remarkable if they were to seriously consider it. Holy Communion is not really the point here: the nature of marriage as an indissoluble bond is what is at stake here…a teaching given directly by Christ.

I’m glad that the Church is sticking to its guns on this. Having said that, if the Church feels that divorced and remarried Catholics are barred from Communion then I should feel it be extended to pro-abortion Catholic politicians.

Please note the subtle and misleading title of this article. “Church will not change teaching…”

Why do we keep hearing this phrase? The Catholic Church cannot change her teaching…yes, the discipline of the Sacraments can be regulated, and a deeper depth of the understanding of doctrine can be considered within the same vein as previously declared, but the Church cannot “change” teaching on matters of faith and morals. We are not speaking of disciplinary actions here so how is it remotely understood that what has been previously declared truth in the Deposit of Faith can be changed? And that is the word they constantly use - change! (Webster’s definition: the act or instance of making or becoming ***different.***)

One astute poster pointed out that the issue of marriage is a teaching given directly by Christ. It is Divine Revelation!! By continually using the term (change teaching) are they suggesting possibilities beyond comprehension? Or are there just some hopeful progressives out there that really believe that a new and different church is emerging - one that will put behind 2,000 years of teaching? Someone…please enlighten me.

Indeed, as well as ABCers, cohabitators, slanderers, liars, cheaters, stealers, etc.

I agree, and this seems to be the point Card. Re is making as well with his quote:

“An objective situation cannot be changed.”

What about those who promote and participate in same sex “weddings”. The church should deny communion to those who openly deny church doctrine, as they are not true Catholics.

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