Cardinal resigns over sex abuse scandal


Even the princes of the church…how much longer can our Blessed Mother hold back her son…our Lord…from his righteous anger with what these men have done to his children…and to his church.


I have often wondered how widespread this is and how much is hushed up. I pray for God to raise up legions of Godly men to the priesthood


That is the very best thing we as laity can do.


How many cardinals have there been in the RCC since McCarrick was elevated to that “rank”? And how many of those cardinals have been accused or admitted to improper behavior?

The church needs to aggressively remove and punish any and all deacons, priests, bishops, and cardinals who are found to have engaged in such activity. No sweeping anything under the rug, anymore.

However, we must recognize and support all those deacons, priests, bishops, and cardinals who have faithfully and with good moral conduct and character fulfilled the duties of their “offices.”

We need to have some balance in our “agita.” Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.


What would be the answer if say for the sake of argument this bishop made a full public confession and apology, served jail time, the victims were financially compensated, and he made a full sacramental confession. Would he be allowed back in to his former position ? Would people be prepared to forgive him and accept that he has repented?


Answered in the other thread where this was posted.


It’s my understanding this tendency is not curable at least by any means presently known. Nobody could ever trust him again.


Yeah I totally get that. X I started another thread if u interested in commenting further about this? I wondered how far do we believe that someone can make a fresh start. We expect our clergy to be beyond this stuff and when they aren’t, we are hurt, understandably. As a people. But part of me would like to think they could be reinstated provided complete and proven repentance had occurred. We have all fallen short. Either way I will respect the decision of mother church.


I actually read somewhere that Pope Francis stripped him of his title.


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